Private Information Retrieval}

A Survey on Private Information Retrieval by Gasarch

Information Theoretic PIR

Private Information Retrieval by Chor, Goldreich, Kushilevitz, Sudan

Efficient Private Info. Ret. by Itoh

Information-Theoretic PIR: A Unified Construction by Beimel and Ishai

A Geometric Approach to Information-Theoretic PIR by Woodruff and Yekhanin

An Omega(n to the 1/3) Lower Bound for Bilinear Group Based PIR by Razborov and Yekhanim

A 3-server New Locally Decodable Codes and PIR Schemes by Yekhanin

Nearly Private Information Ret. by Chakrabarti and Shubina


Computational Theoretic PIR

Single-Database PIR with constant communication Rate by Gentry and Ramzan

An Oblivous transfer protocol with log-squared commnication by Lipmaa

Computational PIR with polylog comm. by Cauchin, Micali, Stadler

PIR Based on the Subgroup Membership Problem

A New and Efficient All-or-Nothing Disclosure of Secrets Protocol by Stern

Secure Games with Polynomial Expressions by Kiayias and Yung

Decoding of Interleaved Reed Solomon Codes over Noisy Data

Public Key Encryptoin that allows PIR Queries by Boneh, Kushilevitz, Ostrovsky, and Skeith

Variants of PIR and CPIR

Robust Information-Theoretic PIR by Beimel and Stahl

Symmetrically PIR by Mishra and Sarkar