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Syllabus: CMSC412 Spring 2021

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Course description

An in-depth understanding of how an operating system virtualizes computer hardware and provides programmers with a machine and device independent interface. There is a difficult and time-consuming programming project (GeekOS). You are provided the source code (a few thousand lines of C and some assembly) of a skeleton "Unix-style" operating system kernel for a PC-like x86 platform. You have to understand a large part of this code and augment it in various ways: pipes, fork, signals, semaphores, cpu scheduling, memory paging, file system, etc. The x86 platform is simulated by QEMU. The programming environment is Gnu/Linux.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:


Required text: Slides Lecture and discussion videos Videos by Neil Spring (umd box)






Course grade

Academic integrity, conduct, etc

The course will follow UMD policies for undergradtuate courses. Please read that carefully, in particular the sections on: The course will also follow the CS Department Academic Integrity policy. Please read that carefully.


Procrastination and Piazza

Do not wait for project or exam deadlines before asking your questions.

Piazza is not a replacement for office hours as far as getting responses from staff is concerned.

Response times on Piazza will inevitably deteriorate as the semester goes by. Early on, the projects are simple and your questions are relatively precise. Later projects are more intricate and typically there is a flood of vague questions (eg, "Why is this not working?") just before due dates. It's unlikely you will get helpful answers to such questions in time and on Piazza.

This also applies to questions about class material. Just before exams, there is usually a flood of questions that should have been asked in office hours or class when the material was covered. Again, it's unlikely you will get helpful answers in time and on Piazza.

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