Department Phonebook: Faculty

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Lastsort descending First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Abadi Daniel Professor
Darnell-Kanal Chair
3213 59695 abadi [at] (email)
Agrawala Ashok Professor 4149 52525 agrawala [at] (email) link
Aloimonos John Professor 4475 51743 yiannis [at] (email) link
Arbaugh William Associate Professor Emeritus waa [at] (email) link
Barg Alexander Affiliate Professor 2361 57135 abarg [at] (email) link
Barua Rajeev Affiliate Associate Professor 1431 58137 barua [at] (email) link
Basili Victor Professor Emeritus
Research Professor
basili [at] (email) link
Battle Leilani Assistant Professor leilani [at] (email)
Bederson Ben Professor HBK 2117D HBK 53394 bederson [at] (email) link
Bhattacharjee Bobby Professor 4143 51658 bobby [at] (email) link
Boyd-Graber Jordan Associate Professor 3155 56766 jbg [at] (email) link
Carpuat Marine Assistant Professor 3157 58801 marine [at] (email) link
Chellappa Ramalingam Affiliate Professor 4411 53656 rama [at] (email) link
Chen Ray Faculty Research Assistant 4165 52671 rchen [at] (email)
Childs Andrew Professor AVW 3225
CSS 3100F
52329 amchilds [at] (email) link
Cleaveland Rance Professor 4111 AVW 58572
FC 301-403-2065
rance [at] (email) link
Corrada Bravo Hector Associate Professor BSB 3120F
AVW 3223
BSB 52481
AVW 56713
hcorrada [at] (email) link
Cukier Michel Affiliate Associate Professor GLMH 0151E 42804 mcukier [at] (email) link
Cummings Michael Affiliate Associate Professor BSB 3121 59903 mike [at] (email) link
Dachman-Soled Dana Affiliate Assistant Professor 3407 AVW 50794 danadach [at] (email)
Daumé III Hal Associate Professor 3227 51073 hal [at] (email) link
Davis Larry Professor
Interim Chair, Director of Cfar
3301 56718 lsd [at] (email) link
De Floriani Leila Affiliate Professor 3161 AV Williams
1169 LeFrak Hall
deflo [at] (email) link
Deshpande Amol Professor 3221 52703 amol [at] (email) link
Diakopoulos Nicholas Affiliate Assistant Professor 3207 Knight Hall 58803 nad [at] (email) link
Dickerson John Assistant Professor 3217 52774 john [at] (email) link
Dixon Colin Research Associate AVW 4139 ckd [at] (email) link
Doermann David Affiliate Senior Research Scientist 3451 51767 doermann [at] (email)
Dorr Bonnie Professor Emeritus bonnie [at] (email) link
Druschel Peter Adjunct Professor AV Williams Bldg pdrusche [at] (email)
Dumitras Tudor Affiliate Assistant Professor 3425 AVW 57466 tdumitra [at] (email)
Duraiswami Ramani Professor 3361 56710 ramani [at] (email) link
Eastman Roger Visiting Professor 3239 52773 reastman [at] (email)
Elman Howard Professor 3125 52694 elman [at] (email) link
Elmqvist Niklas Affiliate Associate Professor 2117H Hornbake 52033 elm [at] (email)
Emad Fawzi Senior Lecturer 3265 AVW 52709 fpe [at] (email) link
Feldman Naomi Affiliate Assistant Professor 1401 Marie Mount Hall 55800 nhf [at] (email)
Filippou Jason Lecturer AVW 1201 52726 jasonfil [at] (email) link
Findlater Leah Affiliate Assistant Professor HBK 4105 52033 leahkf [at] (email) link
Foster Jeffrey Professor
Associate Chair for Graduate Education
AVW 3423 52751 jfoster [at] (email) link
Frias-Martinez Vanessa Affiliate Assistant Professor 2123B Hornbake 52032 vfrias [at] (email)
Froehlich Jon Visiting Assistant Professor
Affiliate Assistant Professor, iSchool
AVW 3173
Hornbake Library South 2117F
58412 jonf [at] (email) link
Gasarch William Professor 3245 52698 gasarch [at] (email) link
Getoor Lise Adjunct Professor getoor [at] (email) link
Gilray Thomas Research Associate 4161 AVW tgilray [at] (email) link
Golbeck Jennifer Affiliate Associate Professor HBK 2118F 57185 jgolbeck [at] (email) link
Goldstein Tom Assistant Professor 3141 50053 tomg [at] (email) link
Golub Evan Senior Lecturer 1115 50180 egolub [at] (email) link
Gordon Dov Visiting Senior Research Scientist AVW 3204 57388 gordon [at] (email)
Grant John Adjunct Professor 3209 50689 grant [at] (email)
Hajiaghayi Mohammad Professor
Jack and Rita G. Minker Professor
3249 52741 hajiagha [at] (email) link
Hamidzadeh Babak Affiliate Associate Professor B0116A Mckeldin Library 40409 babak1 [at] (email)
Hannenhalli Sridhar Affiliate Associate Professor 3104G Bio 58219 sridhar [at] (email)
Herman Larry Lecturer 3211 52762 larry [at] (email)
Hicks Michael Professor 3417 AV Williams Building 52710 mwh [at] (email) link
Hollingsworth Jeffrey K. Professor 4155 AVW 52708 hollings [at] (email) link
Horty John Affiliate Professor horty [at] (email)
Huang Furong Assistant Professor 3209 58010 furongh [at] (email) link
Hugue Michelle Lecturer 1109A 53012 meesh [at] (email) link
Ja' Ja' Joseph Affiliate Professor 3433 51925 joseph [at] (email) link
Jacob Bruce Affiliate Associate Professor 1325 50432 blj [at] (email)
Jacobs David Professor 4421 50679 djacobs [at] (email) link
Jalali Aliakbar Visiting Professor 3261 52674 drjalali [at] (email)
Kanal Laveen Professor Emeritus 3261 52674 kanal [at] (email) link
Katz Jonathan Professor 3415 51226 jkatz [at] (email) link
Keleher Pete Associate Professor 4157 50345 keleher [at] (email) link
Khuller Samir Professor
Distinguished Scholar Teacher
3369 56765 samir [at] (email) link
Kruskal Clyde Associate Professor 3215 52683 kruskal [at] (email) link
Kwon Tae Wook Visiting Associate Professor AVW 3217 52774 kwon [at] (email)
Lackey Brad Adjunct Professor CSS 3100G 41819 bclackey [at] (email)
Leiserson Max Assistant Professor Biomolecular Sciences Building 3113 (301) 405-7395 mdml [at] (email) link
Descriptive Image Levin Dave Assistant Professor
CS Honors Chair
3411 AVW (in MC2) 5-8515 dml [at] (email) link
Lin Ming Visiting Professor AVW 4179 52662 lin [at] (email)
Lindvall Mikael Adjunct Professor Fraunhofer Ctr. 301-403-8972 mikli [at] (email)
Liu Yi-Kai Adjunct Associate Professor 3100J Atlantic Building (301) 314-1850 yikailiu [at] (email) link
Liu Feng-Hao Research Associate fenghao [at] (email)
Mamat Anwar Lecturer AVW 3259 52696 anwar [at] (email) link
Manocha Dinesh Visiting Professor dm [at] (email)
Marciano Richard Affiliate Professor HBK 4120J, South Wing (301) 314-0281 marciano [at] (email)
Marsh Michael Visiting Research Scientist 3441 AVW 57445
mmarsh [at] (email)
Marzullo Keith Affiliate Professor 4105 Hornbake Library 301-405-2033 marzullo [at] (email) link
Mazurek Michelle Assistant Professor AVW 3421 56463 mmazurek [at] (email) link
Memon Atif Professor 4113 53071 atif [at] (email) link
Miller Carl Adjunct Assistant Professor 3102 Atlantic Bldg. (301) 405-7367 camiller [at] (email) link
Miller Raymond Professor Emeritus 3229 52675 miller [at] (email) link
Minker Jack Professor Emeritus 3231 52676 minker [at] (email) link
Mount David Professor 3373 52704 mount [at] (email) link
Nau Dana Professor 3241 52684 nau [at] (email) link
Nguyen ThanhVu Research Associate tvnguyen [at] (email)
O'Leary Dianne Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3271 52678 oleary [at] (email) link
Oard Doug Affiliate Professor 3145 55582 oard [at] (email) link
Padua-Perez Nelson Senior Lecturer 1203 54539 nelson [at] (email) link
Papamanthou Charalampos (Babis) Affiliate Assistant Professor 3409 AVW 57212 cpap [at] (email)
Passan Ravindra Faculty Research Assistant 4160 52724 rpassan [at] (email)
Perlis Don Professor 3253 52685 perlis [at] (email) link
Plane Jandelyn Principal Lecturer
Director of the Center for Women in Computing and Associate Director of ACES
AVWilliams 3143 (McWiC) & Prince Frederick Hall 0128 (ACES) 301-405-2754 jplane [at] (email) link
Descriptive Image Pop Mihai Professor BSB 3120F (primary)
AVW 4449
BSB x57245 (primary)
AVW x58639
mpop [at] (email) link
Porter Adam Professor
Fraunhofer Executive Director
4125 52702 aporter [at] (email) link
Pugh William Professor Emeritus 4145 pugh [at] (email) link
Purtilo James Associate Professor 4437 52706 purtilo [at] (email) link
Raghavan Subramanian Affiliate Professor Robert H. Smith School of Business & Institue for Systems Research 301-405-6139 raghavan [at] (email) link
Raschid Louiqa Affiliate Professor AVW 3129 56747 louiqa [at] (email)
Ray Arnab Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Research Scientist, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering
Baxter International, Inc. aray [at] (email)
Reggia James Professor 3233 52686 reggia [at] (email) link
Ren Kun Research Associate AVW 3219 ren [at] (email)
Resnik Philip Affiliate Professor MMH 1401 56760 resnik [at] (email) link
Roussopoulos Nicholas Professor 3235 52687 nick [at] (email)
Ruppin Eytan Professor 3125 CBCB 59611 ruppin [at] (email) link
Sadeghian Pedram Lecturer AVW 3251 52740 pedram [at] (email)
Sahoo Anirudha (Anirud) Adjunct Professor sahoo [at] (email) link
Samet Hanan Professor
Distinguished University Professor
4425 51755 hjs [at] (email) link
Sazawal Vibha Lecturer 4401 51719 vibha [at] (email)
Shankar A. Udaya Professor 4141 52688 shankar [at] (email) link
Shi Elaine Adjunct Associate Professor Cornell University runting [at] (email) link
Shneiderman Ben Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3177 52680 ben [at] (email) link
Shrivastava Abhinav Assistant Professor abhinav [at] (email)
Song Sukhyun Research Associate 4165 53593 shsong [at] (email) link
Spring Neil Professor 4133 52909 nspring [at] (email) link
Srinivasan Aravind Professor 3263 52695 srin [at] (email) link
Stewart G.W. (Pete) Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3265 52681 stewart [at] (email) link
Sussman Alan Professor
Associate Chair Undergraduate Education
4121 AVW x53360 als [at] (email) link
Taylor Gavin Adjunct Assistant Professor AV Williams Bldg gtaylor7 [at] (email)
Thirumazhusai Namachivayam Visting Assistant Research Scientist sthiruma [at] (email)
Tits Andre Affiliate Professor 2271 53669 andre [at] (email) link
Van Horn David Assistant Professor 3439 52715 dvanhorn [at] (email) link
Varshney Amitabh Professor 4407 56761 varshney [at] (email) link
Vishkin Uzi Affiliate Professor 2365 56763 vishkin [at] (email) link
Descriptive Image Wu Xiaodi Assistant Professor AVW 3257
CSS 3247
xwu [at] (email) link
Yeung Donald Affiliate Associate Professor 1327 53649 yeung [at] (email) link
Descriptive Image Yoon Ilchul Lecturer iyoon [at] (email)
Zelkowitz Marvin Professor Emeritus 3175 52690 mvz [at] (email)
Zhang Lei Visiting Research Associate 4166 52756 zl.jeanreno [at] (email)
Zwicker Matthias Professor
Reginald Allan Hahne Endowed E-nnovate Professorship
3139 50319 zwicker [at] (email) link