CMSC 427
Computer Graphics
David Jacobs
Fall 2007



On-line versions of the programs in Hearn and Baker are available here.

Several students have had problems getting OpenGL running.  There are some extra links at the bottom of this page to help (especially Dave Mount's OpenGL instructions). 


Practice Midterm is available.  Solutions


Office hours on Wed., Nov. 7 have been shifted to 12-1.


No office hours on Wed., Nov. 21. 


PS4 may be turned in late until Tuesday, Nov. 27.  The late penalty will be 10% if turned in on Wed., Nov. 21, and 20% if turned in by Tuesday, Nov. 27.


Practice Final is available.  Some solutions.


There will be a review session at 5:00 on Monday, Dec. 17, in AV Williams, 4424 (across from my office).


Class Time  

Tue, Thu 3:30-4:45


CSI 1121

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Computer Graphics with OpenGL, Third Edition
by Donald Hearn and M. Pauline Baker
ISBN 0-13-015390-7, Prentice Hall  




Teaching Assistant


David Jacobs

Carlos Castillo


djacobs at cs

carlos at cs


AVW 4421

AVW 4420

Office hours

Tue. 2-3, Wed. 1-2

Mon. 1-2

If you cannot make these office hours, please send email to arrange another time.

General Information

Problem Sets

OpenGL links (see below too).  Email a single file containing all code written for the assignment to the TA.  Hand in a hardcopy with all written problems at the start of class, or to Prof. Jacobs or the TA prior to class. 





Problem Set 1: Problem Set Code to get started Executable for finished problem



Problem Set 2: Problem Set Executable for finished problem



Problem Set 3: Problem Set Code to get started Executable for finished problem 10/23 11/6
Problem Set 4: Problem Set Code to get started Executable for finished problem 11/1 11/20



Slides to all of last semester's lectures can be found here .  I'll post slides this semester too, but they will be very similar to last semester, with just a bit of reorganization.  This schedule is tentative, and may change a little. 


Class Slides


Class 1 :      Introduction (8/30)

H&B Chapter 1

Class 2:       OpenGL demo code: (9/4)  

H&B Chapter 2, 11-6

Class 3:       The Inner Product: (9/6) 

                   Core Material

H&B Chapter 5.  Also see Dave Mount's lecture notes and Appendix A of H&B. 

Class 4:       Using the Inner Product for Transformations (9/11)

                   Quiz on the inner product

                    Core Material


Class 5:       Transformations and viewing in OpenGL (9/13)


Class 6:        Projective Transformations   (9/18)

                   Quiz on transformations

                    Core Material

Dave Mount's lecture notes, especially lecture 11.

Class 7:     The Projection Pipeline (9/20) (slides continued from last class)

H&B Chapter 7

Class 8:      Intersections and Containment (9/25)

H&B Chapter 3

Class 9:      Visibility algorithms using the inner product -- BSP Trees and the Painter's algorithm (9/27)

H&B 9.2, 9.6, 9.7

Class 10:     Interpolation -- linear, bilinear, cubic (10/2)

                    Core Material


Class 11:    Using interpolation in discrete rendering - rendering lines, triangles, z-buffers(10/4)

                    Quiz on interpolation  

H&B Chapter 3, 9.3

Class 12:    Morphing   (10/9)

 Beier and Neely, Feature-based Image Metamorphosis .

Class 13:    Review for Midterm (10/11)

Midterm (October 16)

Midterm postmortem.  (10/18)


Class 14:    Aliasing and Fourier Transforms  (10/23)

                   Core Material

H&B Chapter 4-17.
Class 15:   Algorithms for Anti-aliasing and image resizing (10/25)

Class 16: Texture Mapping & Perlin Noise (10/30)

 H&B Chapter 10-17, 10-21.

Ken Perlin's page on Perlin noise. 

Class 17:  Optics, Reflectance models and BRDFs  (11/1)

                  Core Material

H&B 10-1 to 10-3.

Class 18: Ray Tracing (11/6)

                Quiz on optics, reflectance models and BRDFs 

H&B 10-11.

Class 19: Color Perception (11/8)

H&B Chapter 12.  The Foundations of Color Measurement and Color Perception, by Brian Wandell

H&B Chapter 10-4, 10-5.  Discussion of OpenGL for transparency is a bit spread out; it's probably best to look up functions in the index.  But also check 4-3.

Lightness perception and lightness illusions, by Ted Adelson.  Optional, but very nice paper on the psychology of lightness and transparency.

Class 20: Shading & Shadows (11/13)

H&B 10-10, 10-20

Class 21: Environment Maps & Radiosity (11/15) H&B 10-12, 10-13
Class 22: Image-based Rendering (11/20)

H&B 13-6, morphing.  See also: "Light Field Rendering" by Levoy and Hanrahan. 

"Creating Full View Panoramic Image Mosaics and Environment Maps", by Szeliski and Shum.

"Image Analogies", by Hertzmann, Jacobs, Oliver, Curless, and Salesin.

"Sylization and Abstraction of Photographs," by DeCarlo and Santella.

Thanksgiving (11/22)
Class 23:   Solid modeling and curves (11/27)

H&B Chapter 8

Class 24:   Animation (11/29)

Class 25:  Graphics and Animation in the real world - presentations (12/4)

Class 26:  Graphics and Animation in the real world - presentations (12/6)

Class 27:  Conclusions, wrap-up.  (12/11)

Final: Wednesday, December 19, 10:30-12:30  CSIC 1121



Useful Links

Prof. Varshney's class page

Prof. Mount's class page

OpenGL 1.1 Programming Guide   

OpenGL Tutorial

Dave Mount's Games Class including OpenGL instructions

Video tutorial