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Translating HTNs to PDDL: A Small Amount of Domain Knowledge Can Go a Long Way

Ronald Wayne Alford, Ugur Kuter, Dana Nau

This page contains data and software pertaining to our IJCAI-09 paper.

Test Data and Result

Each tar file contains a problem generator, HTN and regular domain descriptions for the planning domain, problem files and run data.

Some untar programs can't handle the hard links in the full data sets, and this may prevent you from extracting the domain descriptions. If this happends, extract the desriptions from the domains tar file instead.


  • Planning-0.1.tar.gz: A Haskell framework for parsing and representing PDDL planning problems and domains (not complete).
  • HTNTranslation-0.1.tar.gz: A framework for representing our HTN-PDDL domains and translating them to PDDL. This depends on the Planning module.
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