Parallel Systems and High Performance Networks


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SC '18: Smith et al. Mitigating inter-job interference using adaptive flow-aware routing.
ICPP '18: Brown et al. Interference between I/O and MPI traffic on fat-tree networks.
WSC '17: Mubarak et al. Toward reliable validation of HPC interconnect simulations.
SC '17: Jain et al. Predicting the performance impact of different fat-tree configurations.
Cluster '17: Mubarak et al. Quantifying I/O and communication traffic interference on dragonfly networks equipped with burst buffers.
IPDPS '17: Jain et al. Partitioning low-diameter networks to eliminate inter-job interference.
CCGrid '17: Wolfe et al. Preliminary Performance Analysis of Multi-rail Fat-tree Networks.
SC '16: Jain et al. Evaluating HPC networks via simulation of parallel workloads.
SC '16: Leon et al. Characterizing parallel scientific applications on commodity clusters: An empirical study of a tapered fat-tree.
IPDPS '16: Analyzing network health and congestion in dragonfly-based systems.
PADABS '15: Acun et al. Preliminary evaluation of a parallel trace replay tool for hpc network simulations.
IPDPS '15: Bhatele et al. Identifying the culprits behind network congestion.
HiPC '14: Bhatele et al. Optimizing the performance of parallel applications on a 5D torus via task mapping.
SC '14: Jain et al. Maximizing Throughput on a Dragonfly Network.
SC '14: Abdel-Gawad et al. RAHTM: Routing-Algorithm Aware Hierarchical Task Mapping.
SC '13: Bhatele et al. There goes the neighborhood: performance degradation due to nearby jobs.
SC '13: Jain et al. Predicting application performance using supervised learning on communication features.
SC '12: Bhatele et al. Mapping applications with collectives over sub-communicators on torus networks.
ICPADS '11: Totoni et al. Simulation-based performance analysis and tuning for a two-level directly connected system.
SC '11: Bhatele et al. Avoiding hot-spots on two-level direct networks.
SC '11: Solomonik et al. Improving communication performance in dense linear algebra via topology aware collectives.
ESCAPE '11: Bhatele et al. Heuristic-based techniques for mapping irregular communication graphs to mesh topologies.
HiPC '10: Bhatele et al. Automated mapping of regular communication graphs on mesh interconnects.
EuroPar '09: Bhatele et al. A case study of communication optimizations on 3D mesh interconnects.
ParaPLOP '09: Bhatele et al. Pattern language for topology aware mapping.
ICS '09: Bhatele et al. Dynamic topology aware load balancing algorithms for molecular dynamics applications.
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