CMSC-MATH-ENEE 456 SLIDES and Recordings.

Aug 31 Admin, Intro SLIDES,

Aug 31 Shift SLIDES

Sept 2 More on Shift Cipher. Kerckhoff's Prin SLIDES

Sept 2 and 7 Affine & Quad ciphers: SLIDES

Sept 7 Gen Sub & Rand-Like Ciphers: SLIDES

Sept 7 and 9 Cracking Gen Sub SLIDES

Sept 9 and Sept 14 Vig Cipher SLIDES

Sept 14 and Sept 16 1-Time Pad & Lin. Cong. Gen SLIDES

Sept 16 and Sept 21 Gen 2-Sub Cipher & Matrix Cipher SLIDES

Sept 21 Other Ciphers SLIDES

Sept 21 and Sept 23 Rand Shift SLIDES

Sept 23 What have we learned from Classial Crypto SLIDES

Sept 23,28 Math For Public Key Exp, DL, Finding Gens SLIDES

Sept 28 Hw 01 solutions SLIDES

Sept 28 Math Needed For Public Key Primality Testing SLIDES

Sept 30, Oct 5 The Diffie Hellman Key Exchange! SLIDES


Oct 12 Phi Function HW02, Problem 2, Phi Question SLIDES

Oct 12 Factoring Jevon's Algorithm SLIDES

Oct 12 Bday paradox SLIDES

Oct 12, 14 Factoring-Pollard-Rho SLIDES

Oct 14 Factoring-Pollard-Pm SLIDES

Oct 19 Guest Lecture by Clyde Kruskal on Cheating at Bridge

Oct 19 The three youtube videos that Clyde showed us:

An Israeli Team Cheating at Bridge

A German team cheating at bridge

An Italians team cheating at bridge

Curtis Cheek Case

Oct 21 Guest Lecture by Kevin Bock on Defeating Censors

Oct 23 Review for the Midterm

Oct 28 Review for the Midterm

Nov 2 Low-e attack on RSA SLIDES

Same N attack on RSA SLIDES



Computational Security SLIDES

McEliece Public SLIDES

Nov 18 Alice-Bob-Cards SLIDES

Info-Theoretic Secret Sharing one SLIDES

Info Theoretic Secret Sharing two SLIDES

Comp Theoretic Secret Sharing SLIDES

Dec 2 Guest Lecture on Post-Quantum Key Exchange

Dec 7 Review for Final

Dec 9 Review for Final

Factoring Quad Sieve Part 1 SLIDES

Factoring Quad Sieve Part 2 SLIDES

Factoring Quad Sieve Part 3 SLIDES