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Lastsort descending First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Abadi Daniel Professor
Darnell-Kanal Chair
3213 59695 email
Abdelkader Abdelrazek Ahmed PhD Candidate email homepage
Abinav Sankararaman Karthik PhD Candidate Room 3204, AV Williams email homepage
Acharya Aditya PhD Candidate email
Adams Brandi Associate Director of Communications 4129 52760 email
Agarwal Arvind PhD Candidate email homepage
Agrawala Ashok Professor 4149 52525 email homepage
Ahmadi Saba PhD Candidate email
Akgul Omer PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Alagic Gorjan Affiliate Assistant Professor 3100E Atlantic Building (301) 314-1763 email homepage
Aloimonos John Professor 4475 51743 email homepage
Aly Heba PhD Candidate Room 4122, AV Williams Building email homepage
Anjaria Janit PhD Candidate email
Arbaugh William Associate Professor Emeritus email homepage
Arnold Carolin PhD Candidate email
Atchison Kate MCWIC Assistant Director 3145 57615 email homepage
Auerbach Michael email
Auslander Noam email
Ayhan Samet PhD Candidate email
Badam Sriram Karthik email
Bagdouri Mossaab PhD Candidate email homepage
Balaji Yogesh PhD Candidate email homepage
Barg Alexander Affiliate Professor 2361 57135 email homepage
Barham Samuel PhD Candidate email
Barrow Joseph PhD Candidate email
Barua Rajeev Affiliate Associate Professor 1431 58137 email homepage
Basili Victor Professor Emeritus
Research Professor
email homepage
Descriptive Image Battle Leilani Assistant Professor email
Baykov Robert PhD Candidate email
Bederson Ben Professor HBK 2117D HBK 53394 email homepage
Bekher Gregory Master's Candidate email
Bengfort Benjamin PhD Candidate 3264 A.V. Williams Bldg email homepage
Bercea Ioana PhD Candidate email homepage
Bhattacharjee Bobby Professor 4143 51658 email homepage
Bhattacherjee Souvik PhD Candidate email
Bjorgvinsson Sigurthor Master's Candidate email
Bock Kevin Master's Candidate email
Boyd-Graber Jordan Associate Professor 3155 56766 email homepage
Boykin Regis Accounting Associate 4169 52732 email
Bradley Joshua PhD Candidate email
Brantley Kiante PhD Candidate email
Brubach Brian email
Brulé Joshua PhD Candidate email homepage
Brunner Ariel email
Carpuat Marine Assistant Professor 3157 58801 email homepage
Carvalho Pedro Master's Candidate email
Cepeda Espinoza Victoria PhD Candidate CBCB email
Chakrabarti Shouvanik PhD Candidate email
Chan Yuk Hei PhD Candidate email homepage
Descriptive Image Chandra Rohan Master's Candidate email homepage
Chao Tiffany PhD Candidate email
Chavan Amit PhD Candidate AVW 3220 email homepage
Chellappa Ramalingam Affiliate Professor 4411 53656 email homepage
Chen Ray Faculty Research Assistant 4165 52671 email
Chen Bor-Chun (Sirius) PhD Candidate email homepage
Cheng Ronald Master's Candidate email
Cheng Fang PhD Candidate AVW 3204 #6 (240)441-5565 email
Chick Brenda Coordinator, Facilities 1109 58411 email
Childs Andrew Professor
Co-director, QuICS
AVW 3225
ATL 3100F
52329 email homepage
Cho Hyunjong PhD Candidate email
Chu Joman email
Cleaveland Rance Professor 4111 AVW 58572
FC 301-403-2065
email homepage
Corrada Bravo Hector Associate Professor BSB 3120F
AVW 3223
BSB 52481
AVW 56713
email homepage
Cukier Michel Affiliate Associate Professor AVW 3419 42804 email homepage
Cummings Michael Affiliate Associate Professor BSB 3121 59903 email homepage
Dachman-Soled Dana Affiliate Assistant Professor 3407 AVW 50794 email
Dai Xiyang email
Dasler Philip PhD Candidate email homepage
Daumé III Hal Associate Professor 3227 51073 email homepage
Davis Larry Professor
Director of Cfar
3301 56718 email homepage
Davis Gregory PhD Candidate email
De Soham PhD Candidate AVW 3264 email homepage
De Floriani Leila Affiliate Professor 3161 AV Williams
1169 LeFrak Hall
email homepage
Deshpande Amol Professor 3221 52703 email homepage
Dhar Prithviraj PhD Candidate email
Dickerson John Assistant Professor 3217 52774 email homepage
Dinalankara Wikum PhD Candidate email
Dixon Colin Research Associate AVW 4139 email homepage
Doermann David Affiliate Senior Research Scientist 3451 51767 email
Dorr Bonnie Professor Emeritus email homepage
Dorri Faezeh email
Druschel Peter Adjunct Professor AV Williams Bldg email
Du Ruofei PhD Candidate 4406 A. V. Williams Building email homepage
Du Fan PhD Candidate 3212 A. V. Williams Building email homepage
Dullnig Dale Master's Candidate email
Dumitras Tudor Affiliate Assistant Professor 3425 AVW 57466 email
Duraiswami Ramani Professor 3361 56710 email homepage
E. Fathy Salem Mohammed PhD Candidate email homepage
Eastman Roger Visiting Professor 3239 52773 email
Ecins Aleksandrs PhD Candidate Room 4470
A.V.Williams Building
3015298690 email homepage
Eckenrod Ryan Master's Candidate email
Ehrlich Max PhD Candidate AVW 4430 email homepage
Elgin Turan PhD Candidate email
Elgohary Ahmed PhD Candidate AVW 3126 email homepage
Elman Howard Professor 3125 52694 email homepage
Elmqvist Niklas Affiliate Associate Professor 2117H Hornbake 52033 email
Emad Fawzi Senior Lecturer 3265 AVW 52709 email homepage
Esfandiari Hossein PhD Candidate Dept. of Computer Science, University of Maryland
A.V. Williams Building College Park MD 20742
email homepage
Esmaeili Sayed email
Esmaeili Seyed Abdulaziz PhD Candidate email
Evanusa Matthew PhD Candidate email
Fakhraei Shobeir PhD Candidate email homepage
Fan Xiong PhD Candidate email
Farhadi Alireza PhD Candidate email
Feldman Naomi Affiliate Assistant Professor 1401 Marie Mount Hall 55800 email
Descriptive Image Feng Shi PhD Candidate AVW 3264 email homepage
Fetter-Degges Jonathan Master's Candidate email
Fichman Andrew Master's Candidate email
Filippou Jason LecturerPhD Candidate AVW 1201 52726 email homepage
Findlater Leah Affiliate Assistant Professor HBK 4105 52033 email homepage
Findlay Adelaide Program Management Specialist 4179 52662 email
Fitzgerald Victoria Academic Advisor 1151A 52690 email
Flores Velazco Alejandro PhD Candidate email homepage
Fong Allan PhD Candidate email homepage
Foster Jeffrey Professor
Associate Chair for Graduate Education
AVW 3423 52751 email homepage
Frias-Martinez Vanessa Affiliate Assistant Professor 2123B Hornbake 52032 email
Friedman Miriam Events Coordinator 4135 AVW 50688 email
Froehlich Jon Adjunct Associate Professor email homepage
Fu Honghao PhD Candidate email
Fulton Kelsey PhD Candidate email
Fung Nicholas PhD Candidate email
Ganguly Kanishka PhD Candidate email
Gao Mingfei PhD Candidate 3364 AV Williams email homepage
Gao Zebao PhD Candidate 4107, A.V. Williams Building email homepage
Garron Anderson PhD Candidate email
Gasarch William Professor 3245 52698 email homepage
Gelles Rebecca Master's Candidate email
Getoor Lise Adjunct Professor email homepage
Ghiasi Mohammad PhD Candidate email
Ghosh Subham Master's Candidate email
Ghosh Pallabi PhD Candidate email
Ghurye Jay PhD Candidate 3104A Biomolecular Science Building email homepage
Gilray Thomas Research Associate 4161 AVW email homepage
Gluck Jonathan PhD Candidate email
Golbeck Jennifer Affiliate Associate Professor HBK 2118F 57185 email homepage
Goldberg Matthew PhD Candidate email
Goldstein Tom Assistant Professor 3141 50053 email homepage
Golub Evan Senior Lecturer 1115 50180 email homepage
Gong Huijing PhD Candidate email
Gordon Dov Visiting Senior Research Scientist AVW 3204 57388 email
Grammel Nathaniel PhD Candidate email
Gramsky Nicholas Master's Candidate email homepage
Grant John Adjunct Professor 3209 50689 email
Gray Jodie Payroll Coordinator 4183 52733 email
Descriptive Image Grover Sachin Master's Candidate email
Guerra Raul David PhD Candidate email homepage
Gunady Mohamed PhD Candidate email
Guo Fenfei PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Gupta Neal PhD Candidate email
Guria Sankha PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Hajiaghayi Mohammad Professor
Jack and Rita G. Minker Professor
3249 52741 email homepage
Hamidzadeh Babak Affiliate Associate Professor B0116A Mckeldin Library 40409 email
Hamlin Adam Master's Candidate email
Hand Emily email
Hannenhalli Sridhar Affiliate Associate Professor 3104G Bio 58219 email
Hanson Jerad Master's Candidate email
Harvey Katura PhD Candidate email
Hastings Charles PhD Candidate email
He Hua PhD Candidate email homepage
He Liang PhD Candidate email homepage
He Da Master's Candidate email
Herman Larry Lecturer 3211 52762 email
Hermida Leandro PhD Candidate email
Herwig Stephen PhD Candidate email
Hicks Michael Professor 3417 AV Williams Building 52710 email homepage
Hietala Kesha PhD Candidate email
Holden Todd Senior Web Services Developer AVW 4137 56338 email
Hollingsworth Jeffrey K. Professor 4155 AVW 52708 email homepage
Hong Jonggi email homepage
Hong Sanghyun PhD Candidate email homepage
Horton Jennifer Academic Advisor 1113 52894 email
Horty John Affiliate Professor email
Hu Rangfu Master's Candidate email
Huang Furong Assistant Professor 3251 58010 email homepage
Huang Di-Wei PhD Candidate AVW 3136 email homepage
Hugue Michelle Lecturer 1109A 53012 email homepage
Hung Shih-Han PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Hurst Tom Assistant Director of Graduate Education 3175 AVW 50771 email
Imbriano Christopher PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Ismail Aya PhD Candidate email
Ivanov Sergey IT Systems Analyst 4117 52749 email
Iyyer Mohit PhD Candidate email homepage
Ja' Ja' Joseph Affiliate Professor 3433 51925 email homepage
Jacob Bruce Affiliate Associate Professor 1325 50432 email
Jacobs David Professor 4421 50679 email homepage
Jalali Aliakbar Visiting Professor 3261 52674 email
Javkar Kiran PhD Candidate 4166, A.V. Williams Building
Jennings Patrick Master's Candidate email
Ji Dantong PhD Candidate email
Jin Minghui Master's Candidate email
Johnson Richard PhD Candidate email
Johnson Maria Director of Corporate Partnership Development AVW 4145 57990 email
Kanal Laveen Professor Emeritus 3261 52674 email homepage
Kang Seokbin PhD Candidate email
Katko Avery PhD Candidate email
Katz Moshe PhD Candidate 4132 A. V. Williams Building (301) 867-3732 email
Katz Yehuda IT ConsultantPhD Candidate 4122 A. V. Williams Building (301) 867-3795
(301) 405-2721
email homepage
Katz Jonathan Professor 3415 51226 email homepage
Katzir Rotem email
Kaur Karan PhD Candidate email
Kaya Yigitcan PhD Candidate email
Kazemitabaar Majeed Master's Candidate HCIL Hackerspace, Hornbake Library
| A.V.W. 4122
email homepage
Kazerounian Milod PhD Candidate email
Keleher Pete Associate Professor 4157 50345 email homepage
Khoo Yit Phang PhD Candidate email homepage
Khuller Samir Professor
Distinguished Scholar Teacher
3369 56765 email homepage
Kim Angjoo PhD Candidate email
Kim Doowon email
King Colin Master's Candidate email
Descriptive Image Koc Ugur PhD Candidate email homepage
Kofinas Nikolaos email
Kosba Ahmed PhD Candidate email homepage
Kramida Gregory PhD Candidate AVW4403 email
Krokos Eric PhD Candidate email
Krusinga Ryen PhD Candidate email
Kruskal Clyde Associate Professor 3215 52683 email homepage
Kumar Aounon PhD Candidate email
Kwon Tae Wook Visiting Associate Professor AVW 3217 52774 email
Labich Nicholas email
Lackey Brad Adjunct Professor CSS 3100G 41819 email
Larrue Tara Master's Candidate email homepage
Lauer Marcus IT Systems Analyst 4115 52668 email
Lee Kyungjun PhD Candidate email
Lee Steven PhD Candidate email
Leis Allen Master's Candidate email
Leiserson Max Assistant Professor Biomolecular Sciences Building 3113
AVW 3223
(301) 405-7395 email homepage
Lekakis Vasileios PhD Candidate email homepage
Descriptive Image Levin Dave Assistant Professor
CS Honors Chair
3411 AVW (in MC2) 5-8515 email homepage
Li Hui PhD Candidate email
Li Ang PhD Candidate AVW 3340 email homepage
Li Shuo PhD Candidate email
Li Hao PhD Candidate email homepage
Li Tongyang PhD Candidate email
Li Jingling PhD Candidate email
Li Jianyu Master's Candidate email
Liao Yancy PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Lin Ming Professor
Elizabeth Stevinson Iribe Chair of Computer Science
AVW 4179
AVW 3249
Lindvall Mikael Adjunct Professor Fraunhofer Ctr. 301-403-8972 email
Litton James PhD Candidate College Park, MD email homepage
Liu Feng-Hao Research Associate email
Liu Yi-Kai Adjunct Associate Professor 3100J Atlantic Building (301) 314-1850 email homepage
Lu Yuheng PhD Candidate email
Maddali Hanuma Teja PhD Candidate email
Magen Assaf PhD Candidate email homepage
Malik Sana PhD Candidate email homepage
Malu Meethu PhD Candidate HCIL email homepage
Mamat Anwar Lecturer AVW 3259 52696 email homepage
Manjunatha Varun PhD Candidate email homepage
Manocha Dinesh Visiting Professor 3249 52741 email
Mao Yi Master's Candidate email
Marciano Richard Affiliate Professor HBK 4120J, South Wing (301) 314-0281 email
Mardiko Rahmatri PhD Candidate email homepage
Mariano Ben Master's Candidate email
Marsh Michael Visiting Research Scientist 3441 AVW 57445
Marzullo Keith Affiliate Professor 4105 Hornbake Library 301-405-2033 email homepage
Mauriello Matthew PhD Candidate email homepage
Maxey Christopher PhD Candidate email
Maynord Michael PhD Candidate email
Mazurek Michelle Assistant Professor AVW 3421 56463 email homepage
McDaniel Marguerite Master's Candidate email
McElroy Sharron Associate Director of Business & Finance 4171 58699 email
McKay Alexandra Master's Candidate email
Memon Atif Professor 4113 53071 email homepage
Memory Alex PhD Candidate email
Meshry Moustafa PhD Candidate email
Miao Hui PhD Candidate email homepage
Micinski Kristopher PhD Candidate email homepage
Miller Carl Adjunct Assistant Professor 3102 Atlantic Bldg. (301) 405-7367 email homepage
Miller Raymond Professor Emeritus 3229 52675 email homepage
Milton Leslie PhD Candidate email homepage
Minker Jack Professor Emeritus 3231 52676 email homepage
Descriptive Image Mitrokhin Anton PhD Candidate 4470 AVW email
Moll Jesse email
Mondal Jayanta PhD Candidate email homepage
Morgan John PhD Candidate email
Motakef Pouya Master's Candidate email
Mount David Professor 3373 52704 email homepage
Nair Suraj PhD Candidate email homepage
Najibikohnehshahri Mahyar email
Nau Dana Professor 3241 52684 email homepage
Nayak Kartik PhD Candidate AVW 3400 email homepage
Neuner Alyssa Academic Advisor 1111 AVW 52691 email
Newton Alexander Master's Candidate email
Ng Yue PhD Candidate email
Nguyen ThanhVu Research Associate email
Nguyen Khanh PhD Candidate email
Nguyen Thang Dai PhD Candidate email
Nicholls Brittany Master's Candidate email
Niu Xing PhD Candidate email homepage
O'Donovan Adam PhD Candidate email
O'Leary Dianne Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3271 52678 email homepage
O'Sullivan Adam Master's Candidate email
Oard Doug Affiliate Professor 3145 55582 email homepage
Ondov Brian PhD Candidate email
Pachulski Andrew email
Padmanabhan Ramakrishna PhD Candidate email
Padua-Perez Nelson Senior Lecturer 1203 54539 email homepage
Paisner Matthew PhD Candidate email
Papamanthou Charalampos (Babis) Affiliate Assistant Professor 3409 AVW 57212 email
Park Young PhD Candidate email
Park Noseong PhD Candidate email homepage
Park Deok Gun PhD Candidate Hornbake Library email homepage
Passan Ravindra Faculty Research Assistant 4160 52724 email
Patkar Sushant PhD Candidate email
Patra Sunandita PhD Candidate AVW 3264#4 email homepage
Peng Shangfu PhD Candidate email homepage
Perlis Don Professor 3253 52685 email homepage
Peskov Denis PhD Candidate email
Peters Stephanie Director of Finance, Operations and Personnel AVW 4173 52771 email
Pham Khoi PhD Candidate email
Pike Frank PhD Candidate email
Pimpawathin Apitchaya Assistant Director Undergraduate Studies 1115A 52681 email
Pittarelli George email
Plane Jandelyn Principal Lecturer
Director of the Center for Women in Computing and Associate Director of ACES
AVWilliams 3143 (McWiC) & Prince Frederick Hall 0128 (ACES) 301-405-2754 email homepage
Descriptive Image Pop Mihai Professor BSB 3120F (primary)
AVW 4449
BSB x57245 (primary)
AVW x58639
email homepage
Porter Adam Professor
Fraunhofer Executive Director
4125 52702 email homepage
Potter Samuel PhD Candidate email
Pugh William Professor Emeritus 4145 email homepage
Pujara Jay PhD Candidate email homepage
Purohit Manish PhD Candidate A.V. Williams 3457 email homepage
Purtilo James Associate Professor 4437 52706 email homepage
Qian Yi email
Quamar Abdul PhD Candidate email homepage
Raghavan Subramanian Affiliate Professor Robert H. Smith School of Business & Institue for Systems Research 301-405-6139 email homepage
Raghunandan Deepthi Master's Candidate email
Ramadan Samah PhD Candidate email homepage
Rao Jinfeng PhD Candidate email homepage
Rao Sudha PhD Candidate AVW 3126 email homepage
Raschid Louiqa Affiliate Professor AVW 3129 56747 email
Rasiel Jacob PhD Candidate email
Rastegari Mohammad PhD Candidate email homepage
Ray Arnab Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Research Scientist, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering
Baxter International, Inc. email
Redmiles Elissa PhD Candidate AVW 3400 email homepage
Reese Josh PhD Candidate AVW 3212 #12 email homepage
Reggia James Professor 3233 52686 email homepage
Descriptive Image Regli William Professor
Director, ISR
AVW 2173 56738 email
Reilly Lynne Program Management Specialist 4169 56778 email
Ren Kun Research Associate AVW 3219 email
Ren Brianna PhD Candidate email
Resnik Philip Affiliate Professor MMH 1401 56760 email homepage
Reustle Alexander email
Robbins Bryan PhD Candidate email homepage
Roberts Richard PhD Candidate email
Robinson Wells PhD Candidate email
Rodrigues Nishant PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Rodriguez Pedro PhD Candidate email homepage
Rolinger Thomas PhD Candidate email
Roussopoulos Nicholas Professor 3235 52687 email
Ruef Andrew PhD Candidate AVW3452 email homepage
Ruppin Eytan Professor 3125 CBCB 59611 email homepage
Ryan Steven IT Systems Analyst 4119 email
Saadatpanah Parsa PhD Candidate email homepage
Sadeghian Pedram Lecturer AVW 3251 52740 email
Saha Manaswi PhD Candidate AV Williams 3264
Hornbake HCIL
email homepage
Saha Debjani PhD Candidate email
Sahoo Anirudha (Anirud) Adjunct Professor email homepage
Sahu Avinash PhD Candidate email
Saini Nirat PhD Candidate email
Saleh Mohammadabad Hamed PhD Candidate email
Salley Freddie Academic Advisor 1123 52692 email
Samet Hanan Professor
Distinguished University Professor
4425 51755 email homepage
Sanders Gregory PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Sankepally Rashmi PhD Candidate 3126 AV WILLIAMS
CLIP lab
email homepage
Sanket Nitin PhD Candidate email
Santhanam Venkataraman PhD Candidate email homepage
Saugstad Michael PhD Candidate email
Sawant Anshul PhD Candidate email
Sayed Mahmoud F. PhD Candidate Room #4132, A. V. Williams building email
Sazawal Vibha Lecturer 4401 51719 email
Schlieper Elizabeth email
Schoute Eddie PhD Candidate email
Schulze Christoph PhD Candidate email
Schumann Candice PhD Candidate email homepage
Schwarcz Steven PhD Candidate email
Scola Katherine PhD Candidate email
Segev Yoav PhD Candidate 4166 AV Williams email
Segler Lauren Academic Advisor 1151B 51139 email
Sekora David PhD Candidate email
Shafahi Ali PhD Candidate email
Shah Nidhi PhD Candidate email
Shankar A. Udaya Professor 4141 52688 email homepage
Shao Mingchao email
Sharaf Amr PhD Candidate email
Sharmin Mahfuza PhD Candidate email homepage
Shi Elaine Adjunct Associate Professor Cornell University email homepage
Shing Han-Chin PhD Candidate email
Shneiderman Ben Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3177 52680 email homepage
Shoemaker Joanna PhD Candidate email
Shrestha Snehesh PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Shrivastava Abhinav Assistant Professor email homepage
Sickels Locke Stacey Director of Development AVW 4147 57889 email
Singh Bharat PhD Candidate 3362, AV Williams email homepage
Singhal Swati PhD Candidate email
Slivkins Aleksandrs Adjunct Associate Professor email
Smith Darren Master's Candidate email
Smith Alison PhD Candidate email homepage
Song Sukhyun Research Associate 4165 53593 email homepage
Sopan Awalin PhD Candidate email homepage
Sorensen Michael PhD Candidate email
Spring Neil Professor 4133 52909 email homepage
Descriptive Image Srinivas Virinchi PhD Candidate email homepage
Srinivasan Shravan PhD Candidate email homepage
Srinivasan Aravind Professor 3263 52695 email homepage
Stacy Brook PhD Candidate email
STAFFWORLD ~ Computing Staff 4120 52720 email homepage
Stearns Lee Master's Candidate email
Stevens Rock PhD Candidate 3400 AV Williams email homepage
Stevens James PhD Candidate email
Stewart G.W. (Pete) Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3265 52681 email homepage
Strickler Amanda PhD Candidate email
Su Yuan PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Suciu Octavian PhD Candidate 3400 AVW email homepage
Sukprasert Pattara PhD Candidate email
Sun Jin PhD Candidate email
Sun Xuetong Master's Candidate email
Sussman Alan Professor
Associate Chair Undergraduate Education
4121 AVW x53360 email homepage
Sutor Peter PhD Candidate email
Sweet Ian PhD Candidate email
Szaszy Michael Master's Candidate email
Ta Bryan(Dzung) PhD Candidate AVW 4107 email
Taha Ahmed PhD Candidate email
Tan Shuhao PhD Candidate email
Taylor Gavin Adjunct Assistant Professor AV Williams Bldg email
Thirumazhusai Namachivayam Visting Assistant Research Scientist email
Thiruvengadam Aishwarya PhD Candidate email
Thompson Jessica PhD Candidate email
Tiseanu Catalin PhD Candidate email
Tits Andre Affiliate Professor 2271 53669 email homepage
Tsepenekas Leonidas PhD Candidate email
Vaillancourt Amy Academic Advisor AVW 1117 56277 email
Van Horn David Assistant Professor 3439 52715 email homepage
Vanecek Julian PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Varshney Amitabh Professor
Dean, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
4407 AVW
2300 Symons
email homepage
Vishkin Uzi Affiliate Professor 2365 56763 email homepage
Descriptive Image Votipka Daniel PhD Candidate email homepage
Vyas Nidhi Kaushik PhD Candidate email
Vyas Yogarshi PhD Candidate 3126 AVW email homepage
Wajid Faizan PhD Candidate email
Wang Yulu PhD Candidate email homepage
Wang Xiao PhD Candidate email homepage
Watson Gavin Master's Candidate email
Wei Hong email
Wen Zikai email
White Brandyn Faculty Research Assistant email homepage
White Auberon Master's Candidate email
Wilson Brandon PhD Candidate email homepage
Wiriyathammabhum Peratham PhD Candidate 3340 A.V.Williams Building
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park
email homepage
Worden Jeanine Lab Director 4131 55062 email
Wu Ke PhD Candidate email
Wu Qian Master's Candidate email
Wu Zuxuan PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Wu Xiaodi Assistant Professor AVW 3257
CSS 3247
email homepage
Wyndham Willem PhD Candidate email
Xirogiannopoulos Konstantinos PhD Candidate 3220 AV. Williams email homepage
Xu Weijia PhD Candidate email
Xu Zheng email
Yadav Abhay PhD Candidate 4420, A.V. Williams 240-495-8083 email homepage
Yami Hadi PhD Candidate email
Yang Philip PhD Candidate email homepage
Yang Weiwei PhD Candidate email homepage
Yang Fan PhD Candidate email homepage
Yang Sheng PhD Candidate email
Yang Fan Master's Candidate email
Yang Xitong PhD Candidate 3340 A.V. Williams Building email homepage
Ye Chengxi PhD Candidate email
Yeung Donald Affiliate Associate Professor 1327 53649 email homepage
Yi Xi email
Yi Hyoungjune PhD Candidate email
Descriptive Image Yoon Ilchul Lecturer email
You Xuchen PhD Candidate email
Yousefzadeh Roozbeh PhD Candidate email
Yu Ruichi PhD Candidate email
Yuan Michelle PhD Candidate email
Zampogiannis Konstantinos PhD Candidate email homepage
Zelkowitz Marvin Professor Emeritus 3175 52690 email
Zeng Zehua PhD Candidate 3126
240-472-6811 email homepage
Zha Sheng Master's Candidate email homepage
Zhang Liqian PhD Candidate email
Zhang Mozhi PhD Candidate email
Zhang Lei Visiting Research Associate 4166 52756 email
Zhao Chen PhD Candidate email
Zhao Zhenpeng email
Zhi Bowen Master's Candidate email
Zhou Hao 4420, A.V. William Building
Department of Computer Science, UMD
email homepage
Zhu Shaopeng PhD Candidate email
Zwicker Matthias Professor
Reginald Allan Hahne Endowed E-nnovate Professorship
3139 50319 email homepage