CMSC 456 Slides and Recordings

Aug 27: Admin, Shift Ciphers, Kerchoff's Principle. Slides Recording

Aug 29: Shift, Affine, Vig Cipher Slides Recording

Sep 5: Vig Cipher, Matrix Cipher, Issues that arise.Slides Recording

Sep 10: Issues that arise, 1-time pad, more issues that arise Slides Recording

Sep 12: Public Key : Numb Theory Algos,Dif Hel Slides Recording

Sep 17: Public Key : Dif Hel, El Gamal. Slides Recording WB WB

Sep 19: Special Talk on Muffins Slides

Sep 24: Huijing Gong: Lattice Based Crypto Slides

Sep 26: Prof. Michelle Mazurek: Why Dev's make sec/crypto mistakes Slides

Oct 1: Public Key: RSA. Slides Recording

Oct 3: Public Key: Low e attacks on RSA, Rabin Enc. Slides Recording

Oct 8: Public Key: Low e (redone), Rabin, GM, BG. Slides Recording

Oct 10: Review of HW 1,2,3 Slides Recording

Oct 15: Public Key. LWE-KE, Dif Hel Correction. Slides Recording

Oct 17 : Misc Crypto Slides Recording

Oct 22 : Clyde Kruskal: Cheating at Bridge

Oct 24: Midterm Review Slides Recording

Oct 29: Midterm

Oct 31: LWE protocol/Secret Sharing SlidesLWE SlidesSS Recording

Nov 5: Info Theoretic Secret Sharing Slides Recording

Nov 7: Comp Theoretic Secret Sharing Slides Recording

Nov 12: VSSharing/Voting, Rig SecSlides Recordings

Nov 14: Comp Sec, Psuedorand Gen Slides Recordings

Nov 19: Stream Ciphers: LFSR, Trivium Slides Recording

Nov 26: CPA, Rand Ciphers, Psuedorand Funcs, Hw09 Sol Slides Slides Recording

Nov 28: Guest lecture by Lloyd Rawley-NSA Slides

Dec 3: Auth-Dig Sigs-Hashing-Hw10 Sol Slides Slides Recording

Dec 5: Guest lecture by Jon Katz on Crypto Currency

Dec 10: hw11sol slides Review for Final review Recording