SIGACT News Open Problem Columns edited by William Gasarch

Vol 52, 2021

Number 1 Generalizing the 3SUM Problem by Gasarch and Metz

Number 2 Hilbert's 10th Problem by Gasarch Long Version by Gasarch Long version on arxiv

Number 3 Worlds to Die For: Open Oracle Questionss for the 21st Century by Lance Fortnow

Vol 51, 2020

Number 1 The testtakers–Testmakers Dilemma by Bajaj and Gasarch

Number 2 A Known Problem in Ramsey Theory: Ramsey Multiplicity by Gasarch

Number 3 The Busy Beaver Frontier by Aaronson

Number 4 When Ramsey Theory Fails Settle for More Colors (Big Ramsey Degrees!) by Dobrinen and Gasarch

Vol 50, 2019

Number 1 My Answers to My P vs NP Poll by Gasarch

Number 2 The Muffin Problem by Gasarch

Number 3 Sliding Scale Conjectures in PCP by Moshkovitz

Number 4 A Number-Sequence Problem Inspired by an Oliver Roeder Column by Gasarch

Vol 49, 2018

Number 1 Different ways to prove a language not regular by Frishberg and Gasarch

Number 2 P vs NP: Invitation to a Poll by Gasarch

Number 3 Vol Fixed-Parameter Extrapolation and Aperiodic Order: Open Problems by Fenner, Green, Homer

Number 4 Some Open Problems in Fine-Grained Complexity by Virginia Vassilevska Williams

Vol 48, 2017

Number 1 Selected challenges in computational lower bounds By Viola

Number 2 Wanted: A Communication Complexity Proof of lower bounds on PARITY by Gasarch

Number 3 Open Problems in Computational Topology by Fasy and Wang

Number 4 Some Open Problems in Algorithmic Fractal Geometry by Neil Lutz

Vol 47, 2016.

Number 3 Grid Coloring and The Complexity of Grid Colorings by Gasarch

Number 4 Some Open Problems Regarding Lower Bounds For NP By Ryan Williams

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