s= CMSC/MATH 858R Notes and Websites


Jan 25 Inf Ram NOTES

Not Done in class My Notes on Computable Ramsey

Not Done in class Cheat Sheet for Computability Ramsey

Not Done in class Jockusch Paper on Rec Ramsey

Not Done in class Survey of Recursive Combinatorics

Jan 27 SLIDES: Inf Can Ram SLIDES

Jan 27 and Feb 1 Inf Can Ram NOTES

Jan 31 Mileti's proof of Can Ram SLIDES,NOTES

Feb 3 hw01 solutions SLIDES

Feb 8 a-ary Can Ram SLIDES

Feb 8 SLIDES: App of Ram theory to PL,NOTES

Feb 10 wqo SLIDES,wqo NOTES

Feb 17 HW02sol SLIDES,HW03sol SLIDES

Feb 22 Fin Ram From Inf Ram NOTES,Large Ram NOTES

Feb 24 Prim Rec SLIDES,Bds on 3-Ram NOTES

Mar 1 Small Ram Num SLIDES,TALK,App to History PAPER,

Mar 3,8 Distinct Distances SLIDES

Mar 8 : PH(2) LE 14 SLIDES,AUDIO

PAPER on PH Nums

Mar 8 Two Triangles SLIDES,TALK

Mar 10 Convex AUDIO from 1st row, AUDIO from 2nd row,TALK, NOTES,PAPER,Adv PAPER PICTURE1 PICTURE2,WEBSITE of Papers Exposition of Orig Paper

Mar 15 App to Logic SLIDES,TALK,NOTES

Mar 17 Book Talk

Mar 29 Prob Meth for LB on Ram Numbs SLIDES, TALK

Mar 29 Spencer paper with better lower bounds

Mar 29 Lect on Prob Method (not mine)

Mar 31 Midterm Solutions

Paper with Proof of Kruskal Tree Theorem

Mar 31 PH(1) LE 8

Apr 5 Prob Method: Turan's Thm (last part)

Apr 5 Morgans-Adam-Issac Proof that PH(1) LE 7

PAPER on PH Nums

Apr 7 EF games SLIDES, EF games NOTES

App to Data St. SLIDES,TALK,PAPER NOTES: one probe

Apr 7hw08 Solutions

PART TWO OF THE COURSE: Van Der Waerden's Thm

Apr 12,14 Grid Coloring SLIDES

Apr 14 Coloring the 15 x 15 grid SLIDES

Apr 14 Dom Set HW Sol SLIDES,

Apr 19 Sq Theorem, TALK on SQ thm


Apr 21,26,28 Poly VDW SLIDES,BOOK with pvdw,PAPER with pvdw

May 3 Muffins SLIDES, Notes on HALF Method

May 5 Graphs with high chrom numb and girth

May 5 Scratch Notes on NT

May 5 Extended VDW Theorem

May 5 Application to NT

Extra minicoures on Finite Geom and Ramsey

May 5, 10 What we Didn't Cover SLIDES

May 10 Schur + FLT(4) imply primes infinite SLIDES