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CMSC 420 - 0201

Data Structures

Fall 2022
Dave Mount


Class handouts and assignments are posted here. Solutions are not provided. If you are a student from the class or an instructor teaching data structures at another institution, you may request a copy of the solutions. I do not provide solutions directly to students.

All the handouts in one file: cmsc420-2022-08-handouts.pdf

Assignment Due Date Additional Resources
Programming Assignment 0
Expanding Stack
Tue, Sep 13 See the Project page
Homework 1
Trees and More
Thu, Sep 29 Solutions
Programming Assignment 1
Leftist Heaps
Tue, Oct 11 See the Project page
Homework 2
Search Trees
Tue, Oct 18 Solutions
Programming Assignment 2
Extended kd-Trees
Thu, Nov 10 See the Project page
Homework 3
Geometric Search and Hashing
Tue, Nov 15 Solutions
Programming Assignment 3
Capacitated Facility Location
Mon, Dec 12 See the Project page
Homework 4
B-Trees, Tries, and Memory
Tue, Dec 13 Solutions

Handout Handed Out Additional Resources
Short Reference Guide Tue, Sep 30  
Practice for Midterm 1   Solutions
Midterm 1 Exam date: Oct 20 Solutions
Practice for Midterm 2   Solutions
Midterm 2 Exam date: Nov 17 Solutions
Practice for the Final   Solutions
Final Exam Exam date: Dec 15 Solutions

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