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CMSC 452: Elementary Theory of Computation


The Syllabus is in two parts:


HW01 (Morally Due Sept 9)

HW02 (Morally Due Sept 16)

HW03 (Morally Due Sept 23- REALLY Sept 30)


HW04 (Morally Due Sept 30, YES Same as hw3)


HW05 (Morally Due Oct 7)

HW06 (Morally Due Oct 14)

HW07 (Morally Due Oct 21)

HW08 (Morally Due Oct 28)

Problems to help you for the midterm (Due by Nov 4- I will go over it then.)

HW09 (Morally Due Nov 18)

HW10 (ALSO DUE Morally Nov 18)

HW11 (DUE DUE DUE On Nov 25 BEFORE class begins.)

HW12 (Morally Due Dec 2)

HW13 (REALLY DUE Dec 11)


My Survey (My Survey of Natural Problems in Complexity Classes.)

WS1S decidable-Notes

WS1S decidable-Talk

Notes For Dr. Mount's Sept 23 talk by me

DFA needed for EXAMPLE of R(i,j,k) method

EXAMPLE of R(i,j,k) method, using DFA from above link

Notes For Dr. Cleaveland's Sept 25 talk by him

Notes on those notes

Notes on Algorithms for CFG's

Some CFG's

Notes on CFL intersect REG is REG

Notes on Turing Machines and P

Notes on P Closed under Stuff NOTE- These are SOMEONE ELSES notes, not mine. JUST read the stuff in them about P closed under stuff.

CSLs and CFLs (This is Nov 6 lecture by Manish.) (NOTE- these notes only have the part of the lecture where he shows that there is a lang which requires LARGE CFL, but has a small CSL. For more material see the web or whichever text you are using.)

NP, Proof of the Cook-Levin Theorem, Poly Hierarchy

Many Video Games are NP-compelte (NOT required for the course, but of interest that NP-completness pops up in odd places.)

Cook's Paper (NOT required for the course, but of interest to see the original. Well written.)

Blog containing Levin's original paper (NOT required for the course, but of interest to see the original. I have a hard time finding the Cook-Levin Theorm in it.)

Article on Russian History of P and NP (NOT required for the course, but of interest.)



Karthik's talk on HAM CYCLE

Hilberts Problem-something to read This is a book review of two books on Hilbert's problems.

CFG for NOT($a^nb^nc^n$)

Final From Spring 2014) (IGNORE PROBLEM 4)

Final From Spring 2013)


Picture of DFA for x=y

Picture of DFA for x=y+c

Picture of NDFA to DFA

Picture of REG Lang IS CFG


Proj1-WS1S (Morally Due Oct 7)

Proj2-R(i,j,k) (Morally Due Oct 14)

Project to help bump your grade TO a C- if need be (DUE DEC 18 AT the final)

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Bill Gasarch 2015-09-01