A Celebration of Dianne O'Leary

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On October 29th, 2015, The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) held a Celebration of Distinguished Professor Emerita Dianne O'Leary on the Occasion of her Retirement, during their annual conference. The organizers of the celebration for Professor O'Leary included Misha E. Kilmer of Tufts University, Tamara G. Kolda of Sandia National Laboratories, James G. Nagy of Emory University, and Julianne Chung of Virginia Tech.  Scholars in the field gathered to give papers in her honor and to celebrate the significance of Professor O'Leary's work as a Computer Scientist and Applied Mathematician who has "made broad contributions to numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, and scientific computing since the 1970s, and this minisymposium is a celebration of those accomplishments. Her contributions include fundamental work in preconditioned (block) conjugate gradient algorithms, multisplitting iterative methods, numerical solution of ill-poised problems, iterative methods in optimization, Markov chain analysis, and much more." 

Professor O'Leary began her career in the Computer Science Department as an Assistant Professor in 1978 after earning a Ph.D. from Stanford in 1976, working as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Michigan, and as a consultant Mathematician at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (National Bureau of Standards).  Her work has made a significant impact on a variety fields including image processing, quantum computing, information retrieval, text summarization, and biomedicine.

In the photo: L to R:  Oliver Ernst, Per Christian Hansen, Julianne Chung, Weichung Wang, Dianne O'Leary, Tamara Kolda, Margaret Wright, Misha Kilmer, John Conroy, and James Nagy.

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