The New ABCs of Research by Ben Shneiderman reviewed in Nature

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Ben Shneiderman, professor of Computer Science and founder of the Human Computer Interaction Lab, has published a new book with Oxford University Press entitled The New ABCs of Research.  The book was reviewed in Nature on January 21st 2016 by Professor Rick Rylance of the University of London.  Rylance praised Shneiderman's book for its call for researchers to be more collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature.  Ryland especially praises the book for it's "shrewd and timely account" of the efficacy of research partnerships.

He further praises Shneiderman's various strengths in this endeavor:

"The book is strongest in the areas in which Shneiderman is most enthused, such as the advantages of teamwork or the concept of prototyping as research in practice, for instance using 3D modelling and computer-assisted virtual design tools. His discussion of the challenges and potential of big data and open access as ways of sharing research findings and approaches to social issues is informed and thoughtful. There is a refreshing pragmatism about his attention to matters such as the business of making a research career. Shneiderman is good on career psychology, and on the scarcity of women at professorial levels in particular. He is especially good on the human dynamics of collaboration. Alongside sensible advice on the dos and don'ts of partnerships and the optimal size and mix of skills in groups, he pays attention to matters such as leadership, status management, brokerage, goal-setting and communication among different personality types."

The New ABCs of Research also has a website with a short, informative video by Shneiderman that gives an introduction to his thoughts about the necessary changing landscape of research, the history of the 'lone researcher', and how he has come to his current thinking.

There will certainly be more reviews and discussions about Shneiderman's work and call to action in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Book: Shneiderman, Ben. The New ABCs of Research (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Review in Nature:

Website: The New ABCs of Research          



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