Jan Plane Promoted to Principal Lecturer

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The Department is pleased to announce that Jan Plane has been promoted to Principal Lecturer.

This is the highest rank of the professional instructional faculty track, and Plane is the first to receive this title. The qualifications include:

"In addition to the qualifications required of the Senior Lecturer, appointees to this rank shall have an exemplary teaching record over the course of at least 5 years full-time service or its equivalent as a Senior Lecturer (or similar appointment at another institution) and/or the equivalent of 5 years full-time professional experience as well as demonstrated excellence in the areas of research, service, mentoring, or program development."

Plane serves as the Director of Maryland Center for Women in Computing and the Associate Director of ACES.  For 15 years, she worked on university computer science capacity building projects in sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan. Jan holds a master's degree in computer science and a PhD in education.

Her work focuses on computer science curriculum, pedagogical methods, and underrepresented populations in computing. She encourages both quality of content and access to computing for students (middle-school to graduate-school) through teaching, outreach programs, and teacher professional development.

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