Local Hack Day at Collider

By Sofia Fernandez-Poyatos
Descriptive image for Local Hack Day at Collider

On Saturday, December 3rd, Terrapin Hackers hosted Major League Hacking’s annual Local Hack Day, with over 100 registered students. At 9am, thousands of eager high school and university students in different locations begin to code. Local Hack Day acknowledges the “local hacker community around the world.”

University of Maryland and local high school hackers gathered at Collider--the Terrapin Hackers meeting and coworking space--to participate in the festivities. For twelve consecutive hours, students worked on creating personal or group projects related to software or hardware.   Participants were fed pizza and MLH swag to fuel their progress and innovation.

Some of the participants were new to programming but they nevertheless immediately jumped into Javascript and Node. Danny, a sophomore Computer Engineering major, used Unity and Leap Motion to create a project related to Sign Language. Local Hack Day provides students the opportunity to take a break from their routinely academic schedule to focus on improving their technological skills and to meet new people who share similar interests.

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