Deep Learning Workshop Hosted by Larry Davis

On Wednesday, May 24th, Larry Davis, Professor of Computer Science and UMIACS, will be hosting a Deep Learning Workshop at the brand new Edward St. John Teaching and Learning Center.  For one day, eleven faculty and researchers from around the country will give a variety of talks on several different areas of deep learning including quantifying interpretability of deep networks, acoustic word embeddings, and speech recognition. Speakers include Professor Richard Baraniuk (Rice),  Professor Joan Bruna (NYU),  Professor Rama Chellappa (UMD)  Professor Hal Daume (UMD),  Dr. Xuedong Huang (Microsoft),  Professor David Jacobs (UMD),  Professor Karen Livescu (Toyota Technical institute),  Professor Antonio Torralba (MIT),  Professor Alan Yuille (Johns Hopkins), Professor Raquel Urtasun (Toronto) and Professor Abhinav Shrivastava (UMD). 

When asked about the impetus for this workshop, Davis explained that he wants the university community and leadershiop to understand how Deep Learning and the activities of its researchers are transforming the field of computer science. "This is an important field and more people need to know more about it, including those in the university and larger community." said Davis.  He mentioned that while the workshop was not an easy task to organize, he hopes that it will happen again next year. This year's workshop is aimed at a graduate student audience, but there will be faculty visiting from local universities including Georgetown University, UMBC, and Johns Hopkins University. There will also be researchers from government and industry who will attend.

This workshop is sponsored by UMIACS, the College of Computer Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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