UMD Undergrad Finds Success with Deal-Finding Startup 

Undergraduate Aveek Mishra's startup embodies innovation by scanning the web for millions of deals and coupons, offering users the most attractive discounts
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Aveek Mishra, an undergrad at the University of Maryland’s Department of Computer Science, is redefining the art of the deal in the e-commerce landscape. As the technical founder and CEO of Frozen Software, Mishra and his co-founder Erik Stomp, an alum of the University of Texas at Austin, have launched a subscription service that transforms how e-commerce shoppers and resellers find the most enticing deals.

The platform searches the web for millions of deals and coupons, identifying the best discounts for users, sometimes as much as 100% off. Its advanced auto-checkout technology finalizes the purchase for its customers without any hassle.

Early Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Mishra, who is also a software engineering intern at Bloomberg, was drawn to programming during his youth because of its expansive creative potential. Growing up, he was always inquisitive, and his early interest in the detailed workings of automobiles influenced his curiosity about the relationship between hardware and software, setting the foundation for his future.

Prior to discovering his path in college, Mishra had already experimented with a handful of personal projects that included several robotics competitions. Regardless of the outcomes, these projects imparted valuable perspective and insight. The experience allowed him to appreciate the intricacies of computer science and encouraged him to pursue a formal education in the field.  

"My entry into computer science wasn't necessarily rooted in the subject itself but was more driven by my desire to create and innovate," Mishra said. “But through the creating process, I started appreciating the diverse facets of computer science.”

Finding a Problem to Solve

Mishra's academic journey expanded his comprehension of computer science, yet it was a daily challenge that ignited his most recent endeavor, Frozen Software. Observing how his mother used Facebook groups to find Amazon deals, Mishra envisioned a more efficient, automated solution to this problem.

"Inspiration struck when I noticed people, like my mother, using Facebook groups to find the best offers. While these groups were effective, I realized that shopping is highly personalized, and there was a scope for technology to streamline this process,” Mishra said. “This insight inspired me to develop software that scans product catalogs to find the best deals. It was at this point that I drew upon my background in computer science to craft a more efficient solution."

Campus Influence and Support

Frozen Software has grown to amass over 1,000 subscribers and has saved over $88 million for its customers, a success Mishra attributes partially to guidance and resources provided by UMD.

"UMD provided me with a coworking space to collaborate with highly talented student entrepreneurs,” Mishra shared. “The environment not only enriched my understanding of computer science but also taught me invaluable lessons on building and scaling a company."

Priorities and Journey Ahead

Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship and academics presented its challenges, but Mishra's ability to prioritize proved to be his greatest asset.

"Managing academics and entrepreneurship requires daily prioritization. I've learned to allocate dedicated time for my studies while simultaneously focusing on expanding our software's reach to more consumers. It's a constant balancing act,” Mishra said. “Academically, my goal is not just to finish my computer science degree but also to  minor in Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students, a field I'm passionate about.” 

Mishra’s journey isn't just about bits and bytes; it is about turning ideas into tangible solutions.  Whether in a classroom or a startup incubator, he stands as an example of the next generation of leaders who aspire not only to dream but to take action.

 —Story by Samuel Malede Zewdu, CS Communications 

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