Martin Farach

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Graduation Year:
Efficient Replacement Strategies in the Memory Hierarchy
Amihood Amir

Martin Farach Colton received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1991. After completing his postdoc at the University of Maryland, Farach Colton went on to join Google in its early years and then founded the company TokuTek.

Farach Colton’s research focuses on pattern matching, data compression, and data structures. TokuTek is a performance database company that delivers Big Data capabilities to leading open source data management platforms. The breakthrough technology allows for a new class of applications that handle unprecedented amounts of incoming data and scale with the data processing needs of tomorrow. 

Farach Colton is also part of the Superlinear Indexes, a project investigating how data structures and algorithms for maintaining super linear indexes on out-of-core storage with high incoming data rates with Michael Bender at SUNY SB and Bradley Kuszmaul and Charles Leiseron at MIT.