Pooja Sankar

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In 2002, Sankar received her undergraduate degree at IIT Kanpur and continued on to the University of Maryland to receive her Master’s degree in Computer Science in 2004. While studying at Standford for her MBA (which she received in 2010), Sankar opened Piazza , an online platform where instructors and students come together to learn and teach. 

Piazza offers a refined Q & A environment along with tools for effective course collaboration. Piazza was built to model the face-to-face interaction that happens inside the classroom. To emulate this learning environment, updates are available upon their occurrence so they can be viewed in real time. 

Collaboration is a key component of this platform, and is achieved through wiki-style editing, endorsed posts, student-to-student learning and instructor feedback. 

Piazza has turned into a ground breaking platform for students who are not comfortable asking questions or speaking up in class. The platform is now used by professors and instructors at over 90 universities in the United States.

Prior to opening Piazza, Sankar spent time working with Facebook, Kosmix, and Oracle as a Software Developer.