What do data scientists do?

Neha Gupta
Adobe Systems
09.18.2015 13:00 to 14:00

AVW 4172

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The job of a data scientist has been declared as one of the most lucrative jobs of the 21st century by our very own alumnus and CDS of the US, DJ Patil*, and many others. Today, almost every company is trying to make sense out of it’s data and hire data scientists. But, industry and academia do not yet agree on what data scientists are. Do they do math or statistics or computer science theory or optimization? Is data science about optimization or algorithms or statistical models or engineering? Is it systems engineering and data pipelining and feature engineering? In this talk, I will discuss how computer scientists can become data scientists and what being a data scientist means from my own and my team’s experience working in the field. I will talk about how graduate students in Computer Science are uniquely positioned to do this job well, and what we can learn from school and what can be learnt from being in the trenches. To end the talk, I will go over my team’s work in Real Time Bidding for Display Ads, and discuss what it is like to work for Adobe.