PhD Proposal: Allyn: A Probabilistically Oblivious Language for Secure Multiparty Computation

Ian Sweet
09.09.2021 09:00 to 11:00

IRB 3137

Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) has emerged as a promising approach to mutually confidential computation. Traditionally, MPC programs do not allow memory to be addressed using secret values. This precludes, for example, a secure binary search in which the element being accessed is considered secret. This restriction is relaxed by ensuring that the secure computation is (probabilistically) oblivious. Unfortunately, existing languages for MPC do not support efficient, oblivious programming. We propose Allyn, a probabilistically oblivious language for MPC. We will show that Allyn can express asymptotically optimal secure ORAM (SC-ORAM) constructions, thereby proving that they are oblivious. This will allow for provably secure, asymptotically optimal implementations of RAM-model secure computations, such as binary search.Examining Committee:

Chair: Dr. Michael Hicks Dept rep: Dr. Jonathan Katz Members: Dr. David Van Horn Dr. David Darais