PhD Proposal: Learning-based Autonomous Driving with Enhanced Data Efficiency and Policy Training

Yu Shen
02.15.2023 14:00 to 16:00

IRB 4105

Autonomous vehicles are capable of sensing their environment and moving safely with little to no human input. They will impact our means of transportation and ways of life in years to come. Increasingly autonomous driving is adopted in real-world applications, e.g. autonomous truck for cargo transportation, self-driving taxi in an urban area, etc. With the rapid advances in hardware and software design, learning-based autonomous driving is becoming a viable and popular solution. As commonly known, data is central to all learning-based methods. We aim to improve performance by utilizing data from self (data augmentation and adversarial learning), data from other modalities (multi modality learning and auxiliary modality learning), and data from other domains (transfer learning and domain adaptation). In addition, while input data is the key component of autonomous driving in the front-end, policy is also an important component in the back-end, which actually controls the vehicle to navigate safely. We thus address the issue on policy learning with enhanced inverse reinforcement learning.

Examining Committee


Dr. Ming Lin

Department Representative:

Dr. Tom Goldstein


Dr. Dinesh Manocha