PhD Proposal: Towards the Verification of Quantum Networks

Yusuf Alnawakhtha
04.26.2024 13:30 to 15:00

ATL 3100A

Protocols for verifying the capabilities of quantum devices are of increasing interest as they provide ways to test claims about the quality of quantum technologies. In this talk we will be discussing how to verify that two particular parties are able to transmit quantum messages to each other. We will do so by combining a position verification protocol with a non-local game to verify that two parties that reside at specific points in space are entangled. While entanglement can be used to construct quantum communication channels via teleportation, this does not give us an upper bound on the noise of the channel since we do not have a lower bound on the quality of the entangled state. We will be proposing some approaches to compute a bound on the noise of the channel and bring us a step closer to protocols for the verification of quantum networks.

Examining Committee


Dr. Carl Miller

Department Representative:

Dr. Milijana Surbatovich


Dr. Andrew Childs