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University of Maryland Computer Science - Leading Fealessly Forward for 50 Years

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland is proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, marking five decades of excellence in computer science education, research, and innovation. As a pioneer in the field, the department has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of computing and technology.

Computer Science Day will celebrate the department's rich history and its significant contributions to the world of computer science. This day will feature a series of engaging activities, including keynote speeches by renowned experts, interactive demonstrations showcasing cutting-edge research and projects, and opportunities for alumni, faculty, and students to reconnect and network.

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Mirani is spearheading a voter registration drive at UMD's farmer's market ahead of the College Park city election
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Computer science major Neil Sorkin teamed up with Assistant Professor Nirupam Roy to create a better way to locate people who need help after natural disasters.
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Palm-sized Robot Navigates Touchscreens for Visually Impaired Users