Recent News & Accomplishments


In June, Dianne O' Leary gave two plenary talks. She delivered "Eckart-Young Meets Bayes: Optimal Regularized Low-Rank Inverse Approximation" at the International Linear Algebra Society Meeting , held in Providence, RI. At the 25th Biennial Numerical Analysis Conference held in Glasgow, Scotland, she was invited to give "Image Restoration and Uncertainty Quantification".  read more
Lise Getoor gave a keynote speech titled "Probabilistic Soft Logic: A Scalable Approach for Markov Random Fields over Continuous-Valued Variables" at the 7th International RuleML Symposium held July 11-13 in Seattle, WA. On July 15, she was an invited speaker for the Interaction for Machine Learning Panel at the annual Microsoft Faculty Summit held in Redmond, WA.  read more
ACM ICPC team (14532)
A team representing UMD took home the "First to Solve Problem J" Award, in the 37th world final ACM ICPC programming contest , held in St. Petersburg, Russia over the July 4th weekend. The team, comprised of graduate students Hossein Esfandiari, Ang Li and Shangfu Peng and coached by Mohammad Hajiaghayi was the first to solve the problem among the 120 participating teams. Overall the team solved 5 problems and ranked 27 in the World Finals. It was one of only two North American teams to win an award, the other being Carnegie Mellon University, who placed 11th and won a Bronze Medal.  read more
photo of Eytan Ruppin (14531)
The Department is pleased to announce that Professor Eytan Ruppin will join us as the Director of the Center for BioInformatics and Computational Biology (CBCB), starting in July, 2014. Ruppin is currently a professor in the Schools of Computer Science and Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. He is world-renowned for his research involving neural networks, systems biology and personalized cancer research. His current focus involves systems biology, which works to construct empirical models of protein interactions within a cell. Professor Ruppin graduated from Tel-Aviv University with his Ph.D. in...  read more
Paul Capriolo (B.S. '06) has been named the winner of the Maryland Region Ernst & Young "Entrepreneurs of the Year 2013 - Emerging" award. Capriolo founded Social Growth Technologies (SGT) with Patrick Jenkins (B.S. '06) in 2009, and in May 2010 the company was the top winner at the 5th annual Cupid’s Cub Business Challenge. The awards winners were announced at the Awards Gala held June 26 in Baltimore, MD.  read more
Dr. Azarakhsh Malekian (Ph.D. '09) is joining the University of Toronto Business School as an Assistant Professor. Malekian recently completed a postdoc at MIT. Her research is in algorithms, social networks and game theory. She was advised by Samir Khuller.  read more
Dr. P.J. Narayanan (Ph.D. '92), has been elected as the Director of IIIT at Hyderabad. His research is in Computer Vision. Narayanan was advised by Larry Davis.  read more
Dr. Glen Ricart who received his Ph.D. from the Department in 1980, with Ashok Agrawala, is being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. Glen also served as the Director of the Computer Science Center for 8-9 years in 1980's and brought about many innovations for computing on campus. To see the other inductees, visit  read more
Aravind Srinivasan was an invited speaker at the SIAM Workshop on Network Science, which was co-located with the SIAM Annual Meeting in July, 2013. He was one among two invited speakers; in addition, there were 22 contributed talks and a poster session.  read more
David Van Horn (14220)
The Department is pleased to announce that David Van Horn will join our faculty this coming Fall. David is currently a Research Assistant Professor at Northeastern University. David's research focuses on program analysis and its applications to programming languages, software engineering, verification, and security. Specifically, he works on the design, implementation, and use of programming languages to enable the production of software that can be mechanically reasoned about, with the ultimate goal of enabling the construction of reusable, trusted software components. He has developed new...  read more