Recent News & Accomplishments


A group of researchers at the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering has received a NASA Group Achievement Award for their work on software assurance and technology transfer. This is part of NASA's Software Assurance Research Program (SARP). Members who shared in this award are Profs. Emeritus Victor R. Basili and Marvin Zelkowitz, and adjunct faculty members Mikael Lindvall and Forrest Shull. More information can be found at .  read more
One of Dr. Michelle Hugue's students (rising senior Graham Welch) and one of Mr. Fawzi Emad's students (rising senior Luke Valenta) have been chosen as 2013-2014 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars. Lecturers Hugue and Emad have been named by Welch and Valenta as the faculty mentors who have had the most impact on their academic achievements. This highly selective program recognizes academic excellence in UMD students and the important role that faculty members have as teachers and mentors. Mentors and scholars will be honored at a celebration luncheon on Nov. 5, 2013.  read more
Angjoo Kim has been awarded the UMD Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship for summer 2013.  read more
On April 23, the achievements of CS faculty, staff and students were recognized at the Department's annual awards ceremony. A PDF of the program listing those honored is available here .  read more
Image of Ben Shneiderman (13901)
Prof. Ben Shneiderman has been awarded the Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award. He will be recognized at the Annual Fellowship and Award Celebration on May 7th.  read more
Carr Astronautics logo (13900)
The University of Maryland (UMD) today announced Carr Astronautics as its newest member of the Corporate Partners in Computing (CPIC) program. The program provides companies with unique benefits for collaboration with UMD, including several opportunities for student engagement as well as the possibility to embark on mutually beneficial and collaborative research ventures with faculty. This program, in turn, enables UMD to gain insight into industry trends, learn more about what research area corporations in the computing field are pursuing, and acquire feedback from leaders in the industry on...  read more
photo of Ben Bederson (13899)
Dr. Bederson will serve from now until August 2014 as Special Advisor to the Provost on Technology and Educational Transformation. In coordination with the Vice President for Information Technology, he will lead efforts during the next year to determine UMD's path forward for the broad set of activities that fall under "online and blended learning." Dr. Bederson will be working with faculty and staff in academic units across campus to create a blueprint for UMD, based on recommendations that will emerge from the BOE commission. This blueprint will include not only where the University should...  read more
Image of Aaron Schulman (13898)
CS Ph.D. student Aaron Schulman has won the CMNS-wide Outstanding Graduate Student Award. The major criterion to receive this award is demonstrated research excellence. The CMNS awards ceremony will be held May 9 at 4 p.m. in the Chemistry Atrium.  read more
Rajesh Chitnis, a CS third-year Ph.D. student advised by Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Hajiaghayi, has been awarded $48,000 in funding by the Simons Foundation for his application entitled "New Techniques and Applications of Parameterized Complexity".  read more
Daumé and Froehlich at basketball game (13670)
Professors Hal Daumé III and Jon Froehlich were recognized last week at a UMD basketball game for their "Fearless Ideas" of bringing several sustainability initiatives to campus.  read more