Recent News & Accomplishments


Jessica Chang, who recently finished undergraduate degree, will present her paper "Broadcast Scheduling: Algorithms and Complexity" at the ACM-SIAM SODA conference in San Francisco in January 2008.  read more
David Jacobs was selected as one of seven winners of the Honda Initiation Grant (HIG).  read more
Adam Porter and Atif Memon presented their research entitled " Automated Software Quality Assurance and Model-based Test-case Generation " at the 2nd Google Test Automation Conference. Click here to see the video.  read more
Richard (Matt) McCutchen won a GOLD medal at the International Informatics Olympiad . He placed 9th overall.  read more
Lise Getoor gave a keynote talk at the Fifth International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs in Florence, Italy.  read more
HCIL's early successes with information visualization was accelerated during the summer visits of Christopher Ahlberg who worked under Ben Shneiderman's guidance during 1991 and 1993.One of the two key papers published in the 1994 ACM CHI Conference became the most widely referenced HCI paper , according to CiteSeer. Ahlberg formed Spotfire in 1996, and as CEO led it to a 200-person company, which was bought during summer 2007 by TIBCO . The HCIL-inspired Spotfire product is used by most pharmaceutical companies for drug discovery and genomic data analysis, and is increasing adopted for...  read more
Growing interest in treemap visualizations for hierarchical data (electronic product catalogs, sales analysis, manufacturing quality control, supply chain supervision, etc.) have led to a successful licensing agreement for HCIL's Treemap 4.1 program to the HiveGroup, Inc. . The license, arranged by the UM Office of Technology Commercialization, brings $108,000 over three years and ensures that treemaps will be applied to a wide variety of applications.The treemap algorithm was originally developed by Ben Shneiderman , refined in collaboration with Catherine Plaisant , and later extended in...  read more
Julian Mestre has received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation.  read more
Lise Getoor gave an invited talk at the 22nd National Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Vancouver, BC.  read more
Vic Basili and Atif Memon ranked in the "Top 50 software engineering scholars", while the Maryland Software group ranked 4th in a recent article in Communications of the ACM, which details a framework for ranking institutions and researchers based upon publications.These rankings are based on a select set of marquee journals in software engineering over the years 2000 though 2004. View the article here  read more