LCCD: Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics

The Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics (LCCD) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory partnered with the UM Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). The lab focuses on the development of algorithms to automatically track open source information related to terror groups, tribes, and socio-cultural-political entities, as well as conduct behavioral analytics (including forecasting, what-if reasoning and policy formulation).


Persona is an improvement to online social networks (OSNs) that hides user data with attribute-based encryption (ABE). This feature gives users, rather than the OSN itself, the ability to define policy over who has access to their private data.

DSU: Dynamic Software Updating

Dynamic Software Updating (DSU) acknowledges that software systems are imperfect and works to correct this inconvenience by permitting programs to be updated while they run. Requiring no redundant hardware, this software has been tested through theoretical programming language development and practical implementation.

Active Logic

Through employing metareasoning, Active Logic is a flexible alternative to more traditional Artificial Intelligence systems. Because Active Logic is an application that tracks its reasoning, it is able to reason about its own inferences, and thereby recognize and recover from errors.

Gas Station Project

The Gas Station Project is an approximation algorithm that can assess routing problems and generalize the shortest distances to reach a destination. Along with "The Traveling Salesman Problem", this research is based off of a new cost model dependent on gas prices rather than distance traveled.

EbN: Encounter-based Networking

Mobile social applications provide new information sharing and networking opportunities based on a user’s location, activity, and set of nearby users. The underlying communication protocols for these applications must be carefully designed to not leak sensitive information —identity, movement patterns, etc.— to strangers without prior consent. EbN is a communication system which meets the needs of a wide range of mobile social apps while providing strong security guarantees.