Matias Duarte '96 featured in magazines on design

Descriptive image for Matias Duarte '96 featured in magazines on design

Matias Duarte '96 has been featured in Surface Magazine in a long-form article entitled "Duarte's Material World."  It addresses his design aesthetic and his role as Google's Vice President of Design.

From the article:

"Duarte’s latest project exemplifies how his bold ambitions, combined with a humble profile, enable him to push boundaries. Since shaping the experience of Google’s entire range of products, he has now set out to redesign the design process itself. 'We’re treating the process of design as a design problem,' he says. 'I want the design process to be really transparent. I want it backed by science, and I want it to be continually reflected upon.'"

Duarte's revolutionary design concepts have been subject of an article entitled "Google is Really Good at Design" in The Outline as well.



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