Advancing Ground Autonomy: UMD-ARL Collaboration Strides in ArtIMAS Research

This comprehensive project is committed to advancing cutting-edge technologies in various domains, such as engineering, robotics and cybersecurity.
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ArtIAMAS, a pioneering five-year collaborative initiative between researchers from the University of Maryland, the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the US Army Research Lab (ARL), is now entering its third year of the program.

This comprehensive project is dedicated to advancing cutting-edge technologies across diverse domains including engineering, robotics, computer science, operations research, modeling and simulation and cybersecurity. These technologies are meticulously designed to operate autonomously while seamlessly complementing human capabilities.

The UMD Gamma Lab, led by Distinguished University Professor Dinesh Manocha, stands as a cornerstone contributor to the ArtIAMAS program. Their research, with a particular focus on ground autonomy utilizing the Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped robot, has garnered profound recognition from ARL. Their primary objective revolves around creating an autonomous navigation system that empowers the Spot Robot to navigate adeptly through dense vegetation, towering grasses, intricate trees, and thickets. Additionally, their work equips the robot with the remarkable ability to detect obstacles and navigate around them.

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