Colloquium: Jan Plane

Spring Colloquium presents Jandelyn Plane, Senior Lecturer.

  • Title: Exploring Computer Science Gender Parity through Research in Afghanistan
  • Date: February 7, 2011
  • Time: 4:00 pm
  • Location: ECE Conference Room. AVW 2460

Through USAID, Jan Plane has been working with Computer Science Departments in underdeveloped countries of Africa and Asia for the pastdecade assisting them in curriculum development and capacity building.While visiting Afghanistan to work with their professors, she noticedan unusually high percentage of women in their computer scienceclasses. This talk will present lessons learned about computer science education in the countries visited and the findings from her dissertation research. That research explored the representation of women in computer science at the tertiary level through data collected about undergraduate computer science education at Kabul University in Afghanistan.

Women comprise at least 36% of each graduating class from KU's Computer Science Department

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