Prof. Vipin Kumar, Distinguished Alumnus, Wins ACM SIGKDD 2012 Innovation Award

ACM SIGKDD announced that Prof. Vipin Kumar is the winner of its 2012 Innovation Award. Vipin received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in 1982 under the guidance of Professor Laveen Kanal.

Prof. Kumar is currently William Norris Professor and Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota.

ACM SIGKDD Innovation Award is the highest award for technical excellence in the field of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). It is conferred on one individual or one group of collaborators whose outstanding technical innovations in the KDD field have had a lasting impact in advancing the theory and practice of the field.

Prof. Vipin Kumar is recognized for his technical contributions to foundational research in data mining as well as its applications to mining scientific data.

Prof. Kumar received the Department's 2009 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

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