2012 Davis Awards Announced

The Department is pleased to announce the Larry S. Davis Doctoral Dissertation Awards for 2012, for dissertations in Computer Science. The awards have been made to recent graduates:

Derek Monner

Title: A Neurocomputational Model of Grounded Language Comprehension and Production at the Sentence Level
Advisor: Jim Reggia


Christopher Hayden

Title: Clear, Correct, and Efficient Dynamic Software Updates
Advisors: Jeff Foster and Mike Hicks

In addition, one other thesis was given honorable mention:

Nicholas Chen

Title: The Use of Multiple Slate Devices to Support Active Reading Activities
Advisor: Francois Guimbretiere

Seven theses were submitted and evaluated by a committee consisting of Howard Elman (chair) together with Rance Cleaveland, Dana Nau and Neil Spring.

"All the theses submitted were of excellent quality and the competition was quite strong", said Elman. "We congratulate the awardees on their outstanding work".

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