Bill Arbaugh named Keynote speaker at INFILTRATE 2014 Conference

INFILTRATE is a cybersecurity conference focusing on offensive R&D, and is the "single-most important event for those who are focused on the technical aspects of offensive security issues." Computer Science Department Emeritus Professor William Arbaugh has been invited to be a Keynote speaker for this prestigious conference, to be held from May 15-16, 2014. The title of Dr. Arbaugh's Keynote is: "Red Team Deadwood: Why Red Teams are useless."

Dr. Arbaugh is the founder of Komoku Inc. a provider of advanced rootkit security detection solutions. Acquired by Microsoft, the Komoku technology currently runs over 500 million hosts. At the University of Maryland, Dr. Arbaugh's research focuses on developing methods and techniques to combat malware problems.


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