Ramani Duraiswami and Jeff Foster Promoted to Rank of Professor

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce that Ramani Duraiswami and Jeff Foster have both been promoted to the rank of Professor. 

Ramani joined the department in 2004, and he currently directs research at the Perceptual Interfaces and Reality Laboratory (PIRL).  His primary research interests include computer audition, computer vision, machine learning and scientific computing. Ramani is also a member of UMIACS (University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies).

Jeff joined the department in 2003, and he currently serves as the Associate Chair of the Graduate Program.  He is a member of PLUM  (Programming Languages at Maryland) and his primary areas of research include programming languages, software engineering, advanced static type systems, scalable constraint-based analysis, as well as building tools that improve the quality of software.  Jeff is a member of the Maryland CyberSecurity Center as well as UMIACS.

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