PLUM Laboratory Releases Adapton

By Marcus Fedarko

The laboratory for Programming Languages at the University of Maryland (PLUM) released Adapton June 25, 2015. The lab is directed by Professors Jeff Foster and Michael Hicks and Assistant Professor David Van Horn.

Adapton is a library offering “...programming language abstractions for incremental computation.” The website defines an incremental computation as one in which “...repeating [the computation] with a changed input is faster than from-scratch recomputation.” Adapton is currently available for OCaml, with implementations in Rust and Racket coming soon.

A sizeable number of people have contributed to Adapton, including Matthew Hammer (University of Colorado and University of Maryland), Michael Hicks, Jeff Foster, Joshua Dunfield (University of British Columbia), David Van Horn, Kyle Headley, Nicholas Labich, Khoo Yit Phang (now at MathWorks), and James Parker.

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