New Undergraduate Summer Research Students

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This summer, the Department is hosting several computer science students from around the country for the Research Experience for Undergraduates for 2016 (REU).  The REU students arrived on June 2nd 2016 and will be working with several faculty members on challenging research projects including the following:

Bill Gasarch: Fun with Probability

Clyde Kruskal: The Can't Stop game

Tom Goldstein: Deep Learning

Jon Katz: Theoretic Approaches to Public Key Crypto

Samir Khuller: Scheduling Jobs in data centers, online and offline

The students will work in teams with their mentors through August.  All of the participants meet together once a week for lunch and to learn something new from the faculty mentors.  The students also earn a generous stipend, and they are provided with on campus housing.  The mentors are quite impressed with this year's batch of students.  Even though they've just arrived, Program Director Professor Bill Gasarch is already impressed by the effort that the students are putting into research. "These students would give 110%  if that were mathematically possible," he says.  "We have an amazing group of students here from all over the country, and they are super charged and excited about doing research at UMD and making substantial progress even though they have only been here two weeks," says Professor and Elizabeth Stevinson Iribe Chair Samir Khuller.  

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