Atif Memon Chosen as 2016 GTAC Speaker

By Sofia Fernandez-Poyatos

Professor Atif Memon has been chosen to speak at the annual Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC). Memon is known for having founded the Event Driven Software Lab (EDSL), where faculty and students study “issues of design, development, quality assurance and maintenance of such software applications.” Among his other remarkable work and research, he continues to teach the Fundamentals of Software Testing course.

This year, from November 15th to 16th, Google will be hosting its GTAC in Sunnyvale, California. The conference makes a significant impact in the technology community, joining both innovative engineers and prominent speakers to explore and discuss the recent progress in the computer science arena.

"The Google Test Automation Conference gives me an opportunity to interact with practitioners who are at the bleeding edge of software testing practice, get their feedback on the relevance and application of my research, and directions for new research based on problems they are currently facing,” Memon said.

In fact, Memon previously had the opportunity to speak at GTAC in 2007 and 2008. His intriguing talks were broadcasted live from the events and had over 30k hits on Youtube. Memon remarks, “livecasting my GTAC talk and creating a long-term record via YouTube video gives everyone the opportunity to learn for years to come."

Atif Memon presenting at GTAC 2016:

Atif Memon and Adam Porter presenting at GTAC 2007:

Atif Memon presenting at GTAC 2008:

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