Associate Professor Jordan Boyd-Graber to appear on Jeopardy on September 26th 2018

Associate Professor Jordan Boyd-Graber will be appearing on Jeopardy as a contestant on September 26th 2018. Earlier this month, he was kind enough to be a guest on the Department's podcast to discuss his appearance on the show as well as his research on QANTA, a project that focuses on using question answering as a platform for research in machine learning and natural language processing. In this podcast, he is interviewed with Eric Wallace, a senior Computer Engineering Major from the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

On December 15, Boyd-Graber will be hosting a competition here at the University that will, according to the website recognize:

  • The best human quiz bowl teams at the high school, undergraduate, and open levels: What teams can defeat each other and computers?
  • The best computer quiz bowl systems: What computerized systems can defeat other computer systems and the top human teams?
  • The best quiz bowl question writers: Who can craft high-quality pyramidal questions in quiz bowl format that entertain and challenge humans while stumping existing computer systems?

Listen to an audio interview with Jordan Boyd-Graber.

Download Transcript as PDF

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