Assistant Prof. Soheil Feizi receives $1 Million NSF Award

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Assistant Prof. Soheil Feizi has received $1 M National Science Foundation (NSF) award for his multi-disciplinary collaboration project, "CDS&E: Data-Driven Modeling and Analyses of Extreme Waves," with Prof. Balakumar Balachandran in Mechanical Engineering and Kayo Ide in Astro & Ocean Science.

Rogue (freak) waves are rare events but they pose one of the greatest maritime risks.

The award will be used to develop a unified, data-driven framework along with machine learning tools to advance the analysis and prediction of rare events such as oceanic freak waves.
The framework and tools would also benefit fundamental research on other complex systems that generate large amounts of data that must be processed-- ranging from manufacturing processes to disaster planning and response.

Students will participate in the research and the results will be integrated into course materials and outreach activities for students in the University of Maryland, the US Naval Academy, and Women in Engineering. The research will also provide art-in-science displays on extreme wave phenomena for K-12 students.

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