Book Authored by Ben Shneiderman Wins Literary PROSE Award

The book, Human-Centered AI, won the computing and information sciences category.
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A book authored by Emeritus Professor Ben Shneiderman was recognized by the Association of American Publishers with a prestigious Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) award.

The awards, now in their 47th year, acknowledge books, journals, and digital products of extraordinary merit that make a significant contribution to a field of study.

Both the publisher (Oxford University Press) and the author of the book— (Schneiderman)—are now eligible for the R.R Hawkins Award which recognizes an outstanding scholarly work in all disciplines in the arts and sciences. That award is expected to be announced in March 2023.

Shneiderman’s book book addresses what some scientists see as a controversial future for artificial intelligence (AI)—one that evokes imagery of computers harming humans, whether through a Matrix-like takeover, or entrusting unfit algorithms with sensitive decisions.

A pioneer in the field of human-computer interaction and founding director of the university’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab, Shneiderman proposes an alternative future where computers dramatically amplify human abilities, empower people, and ensure human control. This compelling prospect would enable people to see, think, create, and act in extraordinary ways, he says, by combining potent user experiences with the embedded AI support services that users want.

“I am pleased that the ideas in this book are getting recognition and having an impact in the field,” says Distinguished University Professor Shneiderman. “The importance of following a human-centered AI approach to ensure human control while increasing the level of automation is clearer than ever.”

—This article was adapted from a news release published by the UMIACS communications group

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