Academics Call for Dedicated Agency for AI Regulation

Suggestion comes as Washington grapples with advances in artificial intelligence.
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Ben Shneiderman, a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland’s Department of Computer Science, said he sees government agencies as the primary entities to take the lead in internet and AI regulation. He encouraged the involvement of accounting firms and insurance companies in auditing and regulating AI systems, emphasizing the need for collaboration among different players to address the complex challenges associated with AI.  

“The history of regulation shows that it can be very positive and a great trigger of innovation.” Shneiderman said at an event hosted by the Center for Data Innovation and R Street Institute. “It’s a big job. It’s going to take our attention for the next 50 years. And we need lots of players to participate.” 

Participants at the event discussed how agencies like FAA, FTC, SEC and others are capable and well placed to know the domains of application of AI regulations. Though they did agree that a dedicated agency could ensure the safety and effectiveness of AI systems through stringent regulations before their deployment. 

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