Big Ten Sports Events Spotlight Robotics Research

Big Ten Network features Maryland Robotics Center innovations during nationally televised collegiate games.
Descriptive image for Big Ten Sports Events Spotlight Robotics Research

In an initiative to highlight academic achievements alongside athletic prowess, the Big Ten Network has begun showcasing research activities from its member institutions during televised sports events. This move, prompted by the Big Ten Presidents and Chancellors, aims to provide a broader platform for academic and research endeavors. Among the featured works is that of Distinguished University Professor Dinesh Manocha, whose contributions to robotics research have been highlighted during these broadcasts. The Maryland Robotics Center, where Manocha and his team's work has been instrumental, is a key spotlight in this initiative.

The center focuses on advancing robotic systems, their underlying technologies, and their practical applications. With over 26 laboratories and collaboration from 47 faculty members across nine academic departments, the center stands at the forefront of interdisciplinary research in robotics.

View the spotlights HERE

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