Facebook and Instagram to Label all Fake AI Images

Soheil Feizi talks with the BBC and discusses Meta's recent measures to label AI-generated images and explores their viability.
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It will be deployed on its platforms Facebook, Instagram and Threads.

Meta already labels AI images generated by its own systems. It says it hopes the new tech, which it is still building, will create "momentum" for the industry to tackle AI fakery.

But an AI expert told the BBC such tools are "easily evadable".

In a blog written by senior executive Sir Nick Clegg, Meta says it intends to expand its labeling of AI fakes "in the coming months."

However, Associate Professor Soheil Feizi at the University of Maryland suggested such a system could be easy to get around.

"They may be able to train their detector to be able to flag some images specifically generated by some specific models," he told the BBC.

"But those detectors can be easily evaded by some lightweight processing on top of the images, and they also can have a high rate of false positives.

"So I don't think that it's possible for a broad range of applications."

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