Stamp Gallery to Exhibit Artwork by Computer Science and Immersive Media Design Majors

Maryam Ali, Gina Lee, Grace Orellana and Caitlin Yan will showcase their artistic work at UMD's Stamp Gallery.
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In a competitive selection process, three immersive media design students and one computer science student earned spots in the Stamp Gallery's juried exhibition, an opportunity extended to only 14 University of Maryland students.  

The students include Maryam Ali (B.A. '24, immersive media design), Gina Lee (B.A. '25, immersive media design; B.A. '25, studio art), Grace Orellana (B.A. '25, immersive media design) and Caitlin Yan (B.S. '26, computer science; B.A. '26, studio art).  

With a mission to feature contemporary art that challenges viewers and addresses societal issues, the Stamp Gallery opened its doors to student submissions at the beginning of the semester. The call for entries sought a wide array of artistic media, including 2D, 3D and digital art, aiming to foster a dialogue between the artist and the community through exhibitions that carry academic and social relevance.

The Stamp Gallery's focus on emerging and mid-career artists as a venue for art that engages with community and social issues aligns with the educational goals of UMD. 

The exhibition will run February 9-12, 2024.

About the artists and their artwork

Leaving Home for a House SculptureMaryam Ali: Ali, an artist with two years of experience, created a piece that serves as a poignant commentary on immigration. The work, ‘Leaving Home for a House,’ is a 3D wooden sculpture measuring 8"x2"x6". The artwork casts a critical eye on media priorities by juxtaposing two events: the extensive coverage of billionaires stranded in the Atlantic aboard a submersible against the scant attention given to a tragedy where a boat carrying over 500 immigrants drowned. This stark contrast serves as a commentary on the overlooked struggles of those escaping poverty, highlighting the disparity in media attention based on the subjects' socioeconomic status.

Cleaning HabitGina Lee: Lee, who has been creating art since the fifth grade, made a drawing exploring the nuanced theme of dental hygiene through her personal experiences. The work, ‘Cleaning Habit,’ is a charcoal drawing measuring 24"x72". Stemming from a background filled with dental care—from extractions to braces and regular checkups—Lee informs this routine task with more profound significance, emphasizing the effort to maintain past dental work. This artwork uniquely captures her humorous facial expressions while brushing her teeth, reflecting the mundane turned entertaining through the mirror's perspective.

Immobile SculptureGrace Orellana: Orellana, an artist with two years of experience, created a piece that reflects the nature of time and its impact on human perception. The work, ‘Immobile,’ is a 3D wooden sculpture measuring 18"x15"x18". The artwork delves into the divisive views of the past: for some, it's a chapter best left closed, an irrelevant echo that distorts memory; for others, it's a foundation of wisdom, offering lessons and milestones that shape the future. The piece features an old, rudimentary tool captured in suspended motion, symbolizing the ceaseless debate between moving beyond the past or anchoring oneself to its lessons. Immobile embodies the duality of time's progression—highlighting how our relationship with the past influences our present and our path forward.

FeatherCaitlin Yan: Yan, an artist since she was a child, drew on the elegance of geese in flight. ‘Feather’ is a charcoal drawing measuring 18"x 24". The artwork emerged from an academic challenge to create a photorealistic drawing. Captivated by the dynamics of avian motion and the intricate details of feathers, she chose charcoal on paper as her medium to bring this vision to life. Feather intricately captures the essence of birds in motion, emphasizing the delicate structure of each feather with exceptional detail.

—Story by Samuel Malede Zewdu, CS Communications 

About the Immersive Media Design Major

The immersive media design major offers a cross-disciplinary approach, equipping students with skills in digital creativity and innovation through modern immersive media resources and techniques. Students can opt for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Emerging Creatives or a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing, depending on their preference for technical or aesthetic facets of immersive media.

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