Prof. Agrawala Wins Awards for M-Urgency App

Professor Ashok Agrawala was recently recognized with two awards for his contributions to public safety by developing M-Urgency, the wireless campus safety application.

The Wireless Foundation and CTIA-The Wireless Association with a VITA Wireless Samaritan Award at their 18th Annual Achievement Awards dinner July 23.

"By recognizing the ubiquity of wireless devices on campus, Dr. Agrawala's app is an innovative use of mobile technology that is, at its core, a public safety tool. I'm pleased to present Dr. Agrawala with a VITA Wireless Samaritan Award for creating this app," said Steve Largent, President of The Wireless Foundation and President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

Prof. Agrawala was also named Technology Champion of the Year by the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) on July 24 at the organization's annual Training Conference and Exhibition. Prof. Agrawala was chosen as "an individual who is a strong advocate of technology that benefits law enforcement and public safety".

Launched in January, M-Urgency sends live audio and video from a smartphone directly to the University of Maryland Police Department, enabling fast and appropriate dispatch of emergency assistance. M-Urgency is the first system of its kind to be deployed anywhere and is a joint project between the University of Maryland Department of Computer Science, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, Police Department, and Office of Information Technology.

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