Emily Jones and Matt McCutchen Awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships


Computer Science Department Undergraduate Student Emily Aster Jones (B.S. ’14) and Computer Science Department Alumnus Matthew Richard McCutchen (B.S. ’11) have been awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Jones and McCutchen are among 2,000 students selected from over 14,000 applicants.

During their time as undergraduates Jones and McCutchen conducted research with Computer Science Department faculty. Jones conducted research in computational biology with Computer Science Department Affiliate Associate Professor Sridhar Hannenhalli and McCutchen conducted research in programming languages and algorithms with Computer Science Department Professors Michael Hicks and Samir Khuller. Jones will be continuing her research at the University of California, San Francisco while she pursues her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. McCutchen will be attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his Ph.D. in Software Systems and Software Engineering.


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