Student Researchers begin Summer Combinatorial Algorithms REU at UMD

By Marcus Fedarko

The 2015 cohort of Combinatorial Algorithms Applied Research (CAAR) undergraduate students began work at the University of Maryland Monday, June 1. CAAR is an NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program, focused on bridging “...the disconnect between the core algorithms community and research communities in other disciplines within Computer Science.” The ten-week-long program will run to August 7.

“This summer the UMCP REU-CAAR program will bring in 16 undergraduates from across the country, plus 12 local high school students, to work for 10 weeks on research projects! They will learn things, do things, and bond!” writes Professor William Gasarch, Co-Principal Investigator of the program.

Professors Samir Khuller, William Gasarch, Jonathan Katz, and Associate Professors Clyde Kruskal and MohammadTaghi HajiAghayi will serve as the mentors for this Summer's program. The program is administrated by India Goodman.

“Universities are often quiet places in the summertime, with many students away on internships,” notes Professor Samir Khuller, Principal Investigator and Elizabeth Stevinson Iribe Chair for Computer Science. “We are incredibly fortunate to have some of the top undergraduates in the country here to spend a summer doing research with faculty. It's incredibly get the opportunity to advise this great group of researchers.”

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